Strawberry Frozen Yogurt +Frozen Lemon Bowls

frozen lemon bowls with strawberry frozen yogurtIf you need an easy fun treat for summer this is one for you! My kids are obsessed.
Don’t forget some Dear Lizzy wooden spoons! (on sale at
And also added some Dear Lizzy Thickers… Just had a genius idea. Edible thickers. haha! Craft and a treat in one. No one uses the Q’s or X’s anyway.

how to
Cut lemons in half and then I used a grapefruit spoon to empty out the lemon.

First, to make the yummy frozen yogurt you need a really good blender. I have the Ninja and love it! I use it so much! You’re going to use it to blend ingredients to make Frozen Yogurt. I honestly don’t even measure when I am making spinach smoothies or fruit smoothies. But here’s a start for a recipe:
1 1/2 cups of plain Greek yogurt
2 cups of frozen strawberries
1/2 cup of frozen pineapple
1 frozen banana
I did 1/2 a lemon since I had a ton laying around after gutting the lemons
Agave to taste maybe about 4 T
We throw in some blueberries and spinach too but in this case I wanted them to be pink.
Next, spoon into the emptied lemons and then add them to a cake pan and put in freezer making sure they are not tipping over until they are frozen.

They sell something similar at Costco but this is cheaper since I have most of the ingredients on hand and it’s healthier!

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  6. Marilynn Bushnell

    Do you add in the lemon juice? Or not use any of the lemon pulp. I can’t tell from the directions.

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