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Last week I filmed a video to share each product from the Fine & Dandy collection (you may view it below). Sure it’s the longest video I’ve ever posted and if you make it through the entire thing I will send you a virtual high five, fist bump and all-around good vibes. But check it out!! Because it’s fun to share each product on its own and get to see a closer look and all the products as a whole.

Below are the cards I talk about in the video but you can’t see.
The first card is using the Bow & Prize ribbon die set. One die set and you can make the prize ribbon or bow. How fun is that?

The middle cards are used with the cupcake liners and other products from the collection.

6 5click to watch

IMG_7847 IMG_7846


2 thoughts on “Video of Fine & Dandy Collection

  1. Cari

    I LOVE this collection, one of my favorites ever! I’m specially waiting that 52 list notebook, it’s going to be the first thing in my cart!

  2. RossPlata

    I love this collection, I love it! I send you a hug from Mexico, you’re very talented Lizzy!
    It would be a dream to have your collection, thanks!


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