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Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal!

We tried to watch Home Alone with the kids but Collin and I were cringing the whole time and kept informing the kids, “we don’t say that” or “that’s not good” to the point that we couldn’t even enjoy it. haha It’s still such a classic though.
Isn’t it funny when you watch a movie from when you were a kid and didn’t even notice the cuss words.

I waited until it was freezing outside and decided I was too much of a wimp to attempt pics again in the snow. Soooo, one Sunday afternoon Collin set up a tripod and a light and these cards happened. The girls still giggle about how they got to crack an egg on dad’s head. It took two shots and egg all over him.
Sending mailbox merriment is definitely one of the best parts of Christmas!
Here’s ours for you! kisses!

christmas card

christmas  card



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3 thoughts on “This one is stamped for you

  1. Helen

    Totally with you on the Home Alone front: I was totally doing the same when we watched it (me and my two littles) and I *totally* don’t remember any cuss words in it when I watched it when we were little 😉 [How many ‘totally’s’??!!!]….love your cards! So original!


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