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Miss Lola bug turned four yesterday. My mind is blown by how fast the years are racing by leaving a trail of giggles and sparkles and tantrums with this girl. She’s seriously is the most cheerful of my kiddies. Pure joy streams out of her and she’s like a bouncing ball of silliness. Then in the blink of an eye she can throw a tantrum and from a mile away you would run and hide scared of this toddler gremlin. haha just kidding. Kind of.
Friday night we took her out on a daddy and mommy date. Collin let her choose any toy from the Disney store then they skipped through the mall. I am always the third wheel when fun dad is around. Then we had dinner and she wore her crown and wanted us to tell everyone it was her birthday.
dear lizzy blog

The smaller flowers on the crown were made with my Dear Lizzy flower die set that should be shipping this week! You will love it.

dear lizzy blog

And here she is about four months old visiting her Great Grandma Charlotte in San Diego and also the last time we saw my Grandpa before he passed away. Such a blessing that they got to see this chunka babe in all her rolls of glory.
Need I remind you she weighed 9 lbs 6 oz when she was born. (Here’s that blog post oldie) Literally born with rolls. I have this lady below, my Greek grammy, to thank for the good birthing genes. No stretch marks even. I am basically Elasta Girl. But seriously what I would give to go back in time and squoosh those cheeks one last time.
lola bug

I also watch the birth video Collin put together every year and shed a couple tears when she takes her first breath and opens her eyes for the first time… how overwhelmed I am with love to have her call me momma. xoxo

9 thoughts on “F O U R

  1. Kim Woods

    I met you at SPARK when you were pregnant with her. Seems like way more than 4 years ago but I’ll never forget how cute you are pregnant! My non-existent torso doesn’t allow for a graceful pregnancy and how lucky to not have any stretch marks!!! Gotta love good genes!!! The crown is darling and that little Lola is something!

  2. Suse Fish

    Still a bit choked up after watching that video! Just beautiful and how brilliant for your daughter to be able to see her actual birthday. *sigh*

    Glad my husband didn’t film me in labour: with all the swearing, it would need some sort of cautionary warning, ha ha!

  3. Lisa W.

    AND I so remember this..I just watched the video again, what a cry baby I am, but a beautiful memory for you all, babies just kinda do that to us. Happy Birthday Lola, YOU have a special place in my heart through your Momma’s blog, NOT just because I LOVE LOVE LOVE her blog but you remind me SO much of my little girl (now 20) the way you are with your puppy, your BIG puppy, She too had that “gift” with animals, dressed them up, layed on them, painted their nails. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh just the sweetest thing ever.

    Thank you Lizzy…just what a girl needed today. AND Happy Happy Day little Lola Bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. laurie lariviere

    she truly is a beautiful child, all your children are…I remember the video, Collin is talented with a camera 🙂

  5. Donna

    I don’t think I can even try to put into words the emotions I felt while watching that beautiful video..but I can tell you there were tears 🙂 It brought back memories of giving birth to my daughter who will be 18 in April . The time flies so quickly and you wish you could freeze time , even if for a short while.
    Happy Birthday Lola 🙂


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