Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti

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Post-church operation to clean up this blasted studio space. I know it doesn’t look that messy… but what you can’t see are the piles on every single surface. I am the queen of putting off cleaning up by making piles. I already requested this on Instagram but, please send help! In the form of magical elves, Mary Poppins, or Tony Danza. I’m not picky. But preferably Tony from the Who’s The Boss years.

biancacash-throwkindnessJust purchased this print from an artist in Australia. I’m obsessed with the simplicity and playfulness. I want this one bad for my girls’ room. Santa, are you listening?

(Your face is pretty but your heart is golden.)
Recently Avery became very concerned about hair and clothes and she’s never been my fussy dresser. I could hand her anything to put on and she would wear it. Heck, she would wear her pjs all day and wouldn’t care one bit what anyone thought. Lola, on the other hand, has been very picky since she was two of what she is wearing. Pink, frilly, girly… and no matter what I suggest her to wear she refuses the first outfit every single time and says “yes” to the second or third one. I’m onto her sneaky ways. ; )
Every day when I am brushing their hair I try to sneak in my mom-advice and engrain in their minds that —it’s good to look nice but a smile and being kind is what’s most important.
bianca cash

dear lizzy blogThen there’s these two. Oh my, cutest stinkers.

7 thoughts on “Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti

  1. Christina Carnoy

    I love it! Go mama! Outer beauty is great, but inner beauty is what will endure our whole lives long! And it’s what we should look for in others too. Soooooooo proud of you!!! By the way, when might we expect to see your next collection out? I’ve been anxiously checking your blog for a couple of months now…I know it will be adorable, just like all your collections have been! Have an AWESOME day lady!

  2. Nirupama

    I’m so jealous of you right just because you got to go to church this morning. My priest decided to inform my husband that women with underage children stay home from sevices according to ‘tradition’. So, I basically can’t go back for three years.


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