Popsicle Invitations

So thrilled to have some over-the-top darling projects from Wilna like these popsicle ice cream invites. Seriously, I could just eat them up.
Check out her shop full of hand-drawn cut files and even her famous coffee cup albums.

Since in the summertime we always enjoy popsicles… they were a great inspiration for invitations. I cut each popsicle out twice using my Silhouette + the cut files you can find in my shop. Next, I used hot glue to add the two pieces together with a stick in the middle.

The fun part was decorating them!! I used Dear Lizzy Papers, glue and actual cake sprinkles. Don’t forget gold glitter, of course.
For the painting section have you ever used Impasto Acrylic Paint? It is a medium that works with paints and most stains to build up the texture and thicken it. Loved the look that added to the popsicles. ice cream invites ice cream invites ice cream invites

ice cream invites

ice cream invites ice cream invites

ice cream invites
Love how each one is unique, make the invitation process fun. Or you could do them all the same to streamline the process. And a popsicle theme would be easy and cute to add through out the party decor when it is time for the big day.



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  3. Terry Hamilton

    Adorable – these would also make super cute b-day cards , embellishments for scrap book layouts (minus the real food candy sprinkles, but I bet a glass seed bead mixture would be adorable & be long lasting) and what I plan to do – have the kids make them as a group craft project. The assembly is easy enough – just supervise hot gluing the pop cycle sticks in or use a thick tacky glue. Put out lots of “sprinkle” embellishments and you will have one happy group of kids!

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