The balloons that wouldn’t die


These white, bouncy balloons were in our home for weeks and weeks. I first bought them for Myles birthday in April and they floated around until late May. I loved it. Makes me want to just always have some around. When my kids grow up they’ll think… remember how crazy mom was and she always had giant balloons…? But I got lots of use out of them. See here and here.

This year out of any month so far, May was a complete blur. Birthdays, baptism and our trip to Barcelona. Something else exciting to add to the list was being featured as the Ruchette of the month at one of my favorite online shops–Ruche. They sent me seven of their favorite pieces and I put together 10 outfits mixing and matching a polka dot dress, yellow skirt, striped blazer, scalloped shirt, plain white tee, navy pencil skirt, and a sweater. I love the idea of quality not quantity in what you put in your closet. To buy pieces that are more timeless and I can wear over and over. Check out all the looks here. 

Today RUCHE has free shipping on the Ruchette pieces that ends tonight. Pick yourself up something new.  xo, Lizzy
photo cred: Mister Kartchner


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4 thoughts on “The balloons that wouldn’t die

  1. Katooshie Monroe

    Hi Liz! How adorable! Love these outfits. I wish you would do “What I’m Wearing” every day on your blog. Your style is so cute! If you love the idea of “quality over quantity in your wardrobe, you would adore the book “Madame Chic” by Jennifer L. Scott. See Jennifer’s 10 item spring wardrobe:
    I know you will also enjoy Caroline’s blog, Unfancy. Check it out, honey!

    Have a wonderful day with your sweet family! 🙂 Katooshie

  2. Mai

    Cute outfits. Just curious though, when you say up for weeks, it FLOATED for weeks? How long was it at full float? What balloons and helium did you use (as in from where)? thanks for any input!

  3. Janet

    Hi Lizzy,
    You are just precious!! Love your blog. Just wanted to love on you a bit. Have a beautiful day!!


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