Don’t Get Pinched: Girl Hair Clips

diy hair clips

It’s a tragic day in second grade if you forget to wear green on March 17th. Quincey has been hounding me since last week to get her all green outfit laid out and ready to go. She definitely did not inherit my procrastination gene. But today we finally put together some fun, green accessories. I shared the green bow tie diy for Myles, now here’s some super quick girls’ ideas to put together.

diy hair clips

The first are some modern style barrettes.
I used some fabric scraps and glitter POW cardstock from American Crafts. Love that stuff.
-First, I cut some acrylic 2.5″ x .5″. You can use thick chipboard or foam board anything really.
-Next, cut the fabric slightly larger and wrap the acrylic like a present. Hot glueing each side as you go.
-Last, slide a bobbi pin on a 2.25″ piece of ribbon. Add hot glue to the back of the barrette and then attach the bobbi pin and ribbon. That’s it!
If you are making the glitter cardstock  ones it’s the same steps just cut the glitter cardstock slightly larger than the acrylic and then add the ribbon and bobbi pin the same. Use Modge Podge or Tackly Glue and glitter and it will work just as great. Just make sure the last step is modge podge to keep glitter in place. Should be quick since it’s such a small piece.

diy hair clips

diy hair clips

Next is a clover flower that Quincey helped me make. Great for a beginner sewer.
-Cut 3 clover leaf shapes.
-Then sew a running stitch along the bottoms.
-Last, pull thread to bunch together and tie a knot. Would be cute in other colors and more petals. Love Amy Tan’s embroidery threads and needles for this.
diy hair clips

diy hair clips

diy hair clips
Happy St Patty’s Day! xoxo, Lizzy

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  1. Michelle

    Love the clips, want some for myself :). Gorgeous photo, she looks like you. Happy St. Patricks Day. xx


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