Don’t Get Pinched: Baby Bow Tie DIY

bow tie diybow tie diy

Avoid letting your little guy get pinched this St. Patty’s day and make him a green bow tie. Seriously it was easy and I didn’t even sew… just used a trusty hot glue gun and some fabric scraps.

baby diy bow tie

For Myles I cut a piece of fabric 4″x7″
Next fold in the width so it’s around 2-3 inches wide and hot glue seam leaving the length 7″ long. Iron fabric.
Now fold in the ends and hot glue at center.
Pinch so there are three folds and glue each one (Make two of these up to this point)
Layer each one and glue together
Cut a strip of fabric about 2″x4″ fold in the width and glue seam. Iron. Wrap around layered bows.
Measure baby’s neck and add ribbon and velro to back. There you go. You can still pinch those cheeks but not because he’s not wearing green… because they are too squishy + cute.
Kisses from momma…
diy baby bow tie

Filled up an entire SD Card taking pictures of this face since literally the end of his front teeth are popping through… and I am going to miss those gummy gum gums.
diy baby bow tie

bow tie diy

6 thoughts on “Don’t Get Pinched: Baby Bow Tie DIY

  1. Heather

    Seriously, how do you get ANYTHING done with that house full of cuties?! Oh, my word. Makes me sort of miss those crazy baby days. (I did say sort of. My youngest is 9, and I do kind of like this stage of life right now).

    Thanks for sharing your babies with us!

  2. Lisa W.

    WOW did you just make TOTALLY make my Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is SO SO SO adorable, and wow I can’t believe how much I see QUINCY!!! OMG he looks just like her. Of course Quincy, Lola bug and Myles look the most like each other, BUT these pics really remind me of her:)

    Bow tie….adorable….pictures…priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OH giggling. Just read post above, I guess we see differntly…ok I need to see a baby picture of you Lizzy:)


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