Happy Desk

White office studio

Literally spent the entire Saturday cleaning up my work space. I am kicking myself that I did not take a before picture… because then you literally would all be standing up right now cheering and clapping for my success. Yes, it was that bad. But I am pretty good at messing up my studio so don’t worry we can have our clean-office-bond moment in a couple weeks… or days.
Enjoying it!
I will post more detailed shots about my organization, or lack of, in the next couple days.

happy desk


in other news
This upcoming May I will be teaching in Barcelona!! How amazing is that?! I am thrilled and cannot wait to meet new friends, craft together and explore such a gorgeous city.
Sign up here at Kits de Somni!!


7 thoughts on “Happy Desk

  1. Lisa W.

    Your space LOOKS amazing. Love the white space too, so clean and bright AND oh so inspiring.
    But Lizzy I gotta say I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN BY I CAN MESS IT UP. I TOO spent the entire last Saturday cleaning mine up AND it’s still a work in progress. OMG how do we do that. Part of my problem is WAY WAY WAY to much stuff. Ya know you buy something because its SO cute. Then it gets lost in creation, you stumble across it a OH year or so later and think WHAT was I thinking, this is not even cute paper…lol!
    Of course with that said sometimes I stumble across something WAY yummy I forgot I had and GO yum…score and get all giddy like it’s new all over again. Ok sorry I am babbling, but when I read your post I thought OK so this is just not me that makes pure distruction out of the scrapbook room:)

    Thanks for a great post….as always of course:)

  2. Teresa

    That is so amazing that you will be teaching in Barcelona. I’m sad that I’ll be missing you a by a bit. Although I live in Ohio, I will be in Spain in March…uuggh!! off by a couple months. Would have been nice to meet you! Have fun and good luck!

  3. Abir

    Love your work!
    I’m So happy to see you in Barcelona with KDS girls!!! It is dream!!!
    Love your new collection!! 😉


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