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Home from CHA! It was one of my favorite shows. I can’t really pinpoint why… it just was. Probably seeing people I have made friends with over the years from all over the world. I laid in bed one night chatting with Collin, after Myles had fallen asleep, and started listing where people were from at the show:
Australia, Hungary, Bolivia, Mexico, France, UK, South Africa, Taiwan, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Barcelona, British Columbia and more. Unbelievable, right?!! It blows my mind. But meeting these wonderful, creative, hard working, business savvy woman was awe inspiring.
For lunch we would walk outside to find a few really delicious food trucks and one day I got to eat with some of the ladies attending the show. A couple of the girls were from Taiwan and one of them was visiting the US for the first time. When you love scrapbooking it makes you instant friends. It was so fun to sit with them and chat while stuffing your face with pulled pork sandwich…! Of course we took a pic. photo 3 copy

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Dear Lizzy CHA booth

Dear Lizzy CHA booth

Friends from Singapore
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Collin played Mr Mom most of the day while I was at my booth. When they stopped by the show for a minute in the afternoon– Myles loved all the attention. I am not gonna lie, Amy Tan’s darling baby boy, Jack, and Myles definitely stole the show whenever they were around. Someone should think about Baby-swag for next year.

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Before we flew home we made a slight detour to the beach!
And we squeezed a night at Disneyland in there too but don’t tell our girls. (Collin was fairly excited.)photo 2

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Myles was such a good little traveler. I was so proud of him. Thank goodness his cold he had been fighting was gone by the time we got there. Must’ve been all that sunshine and happiness. ; ) But seriously, how do we not all live near the beach?!
Even though traveling with a little one is not easy, I am so grateful for the kind people that give you a simple small when you are boarding the plane. It makes a huge difference. I think babies feel their momma’s energy so if we are stressed it could panic them a bit. I try to stay calm but it can be hard if people around are impatient. Myles was really good the flight home. The flight out he cried for a minute but only because he was so tired. One of the flight attendants was sick and her replacement was late so the flight was delayed… by the time we got on board he was beyond tired. He only cried for a few minutes which feels like forever on a flight. But then he was fine. I am SO thankful he was a trooper. I have been on flights and got the stink eye from people around us… Here’s to happy Myles and kind passengers!
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15 thoughts on “CHA Swag

  1. Helen

    Oh lucky you who was at Cha. two friends of mine (from Norway) was there and had a blast, I was so jealous, just to be so lucky for the lovely weather, here in Norway it is freezing cold.

  2. Janine

    I love following your adventures. Can you please do a tutorial on the shadow boxes? They look fantastic…from a fan in Australia..Janine

  3. Gloria

    Yayyyy I’m the girl from Bolivia:))))
    It was such an honor and an amazing feeling meeting you Liz, you were just how I had always imagined…talented, gorgeous and so sweet!!!!
    I was SO nervous when I presented myself to you…I got really nervous and was it was difficult to talk, LOL…you were one of the first scrapbookers I followed and admired in every aspect of your life.
    Meting you was one of the highlights of my CHA experience, too bad I did not get to meet Mr. Myles:( I saw Collin around the food truck but did not say hi:( maybe he thought I was a stalker or something LOL;)

    Thanks Liz for being the great women you are…you are an inspiration in so many ways to me and I’m sure to a bunch of ladies all over the world. You have such an amazing family such a great thing you got some sunshine and a couple of days to enjoy with Myles and Collin;)
    PS: if you ever go to Bolivia I would looooove to take you around:) hope to see you next CHA!

    Gloria, from Bolivia 😉

  4. Natalie Winterstein

    That last picture of Myles in the seat is gold. Seriously, he is so adorable. Wish I had been able to soak up some sun and warm weather – thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Mary Ann Jenkins

    Loved the days at the show, and of course a highlight was the food truck lunch with you! You were so very sweet, and I know all of Taiwan is hearing from Meiling about our time spent with you.
    Oh, and your amazing new Day Dreamer collection, ya, I pretty much need it all 😉

  6. Karin

    I can’t wait to have your new products. I’m so happy for your new bundle of joy. Soooo happy he’s a little boy. Looking forward to see boy projects soon. <3

  7. Alex

    Oh My Goodness what a cutie Myles is! I hope one day I can experience CHA, I’ve seen so many people post such wonderful things about it, and there is are so many new products! And I am beyond jealous of you and Colin. DISNEYLAND sans KIDS? What a wonderful thought. 🙂

  8. Irene

    Love your pictures from CHA. I can believe Myles stole the show with Jack. They are both adorable.
    I watched Collin talkin about Project Life on a videao of Becky. Loved it. Made me laugh out loud.
    Bye Irene from the Netherlands.

  9. Latrice

    Love seeing all your pictures. Myles looks super happy and the headphone pic is awesome. You and amy make me sick with your skinny little legs. Kidding 😉 You girls are awesome.

  10. Suz

    SO very nice to see you, Collin and Myles again! It was great to visit, albeit briefly. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to say hello over on my blog as well! Take care you!

  11. Morgan

    Myles is only a few weeks younger than my little guy and I love seeing the similarities of our little boys. Myles is better dressed, that’s for sure, but that last picture looks so much like my son! Love it!


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