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The start of the new year is usually really exciting and fresh and something about the feeling of a clean slate excites me to start writing new resolutions. Typically I will pick up a new journal from Target and can’t wait to start listing my spiritual, family, health and work related goals. This year I just kinda felt smug about it all. I wanted to fold my arms and pout like my Quincey does… because I sucked this year at accomplishing what I wanted to do. The only thing I did amazingly well was kissing Myles’s cheeks, being there for my girls and planning date nights. I know I know, those are more important than anything. It’s just the fact that I could’ve done better. I am not typically a regretful person. I run far and fast from that “r” word. But it is annoying to sit down and write the same goals and wishes that I did last year. Ya know?
So I figured out something that lifted my spirits.
I wrote the things I accomplished in 2013 that I am proud of. It could be anything simple or grand. We didn’t travel anywhere exotic. We didn’t make any huge changes. But we laughed our butts off & explored the mountains & loved to the fullest.

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Having Myles in our lives/
Learning to make videos/
Buying our camper and redoing it/
Went to the beach/
Went to Disneyland/
Awesome job designing Dear Lizzy products/
Fundraiser for my niece Zuzu/
Momma Bear to Four/

I am still figuring out my “word” for 2014. Sometimes I keep it personal but most years I share it. The past two years I focused on the same word- L I G H T. It literally applies to all areas of my life. And I couldn’t find a word to live up to its glory last year so I continued it. : ) There’s no rules for this stuff, right? ; ) Now I feel like I am at the next chapter and am ready for a new word. Something playful yet strong.
Our Christmas card was the perfect way to share my word, Let Your Heart Be Light.
photos by Heather Telford

Christmas Card



This year I want to FOCUS my time better so when then I’m done with doing the stuff I need to do I will feel more free. 
I was being a bum the other night just getting frustrated at the house being messy and I felt like I was always picking up the kids’ stuff. Then I looked at Collin and he said, “Liz, this year it’s about…” as he tilted his head and pushed the sides of his mouth up with his pointer fingers to a cheesy wide-eyed smile. That is exactly what I want this year. To not worry about all the fussiness. Then I went to the kitchen because my eyes were tearing up… passing the girls who were dancing to a record I got for Christmas–Mumford And Sons. The song Not With Haste was playing. Great song. Just what I wanted to hear:

We will run and scream
You will dance with me
Fulfill our dreams and we’ll be free

We will be who we are
And they’ll heal our scars
Sadness will be far away

Do not let my fickle flesh go to waste
As it keeps my heart and soul in its place
And I will love with urgency but not with haste

Maybe that’s my word. Free. Hears to Twenty Fourteen. xo, Lizzy

15 thoughts on “Let Your Heart Be Light

  1. colette

    I read your blog alot and I love the photography- both from Heather on your card and also your own- (collin). I want to say that this post was so WISE!!! You are such an amazing mom and I applaud how you learned so much so fast! I am much older than YOU and my baby is now 14. I am OLDER- but not necessarily wiser– and I say a big KUDOS to you for learning all this now. YOU will never regret the time you put less Work on your self and more play. I hate the word regret also- but YOU won’t have any of that if you keep the mindset you described . Proud of you. Would have loved all that wisdom back when….

  2. Jessica Rodarte

    I hear you. I pick up so much kid-related mess sometimes I want to scream into a pillow. I, like you, am blessed with 4 little ones, and a husband with a good sense of humor, who pulls me out of my crabby moods. Unlike you though, our 4th was another girl and my hair isn’t so fabulous. 😉 You’ll work 2014 like you did 2013.
    Love that card!

  3. Shay

    absolutely wonderful. You are always such an inspiration to me and your word will fall into place for this year. Focus & freedom will both come to your amazing fam this year I’m sure 🙂 xoxo

  4. Kristen T.

    I’m no pro. But I do know I was made to be a mom. And when the day was done I cried because what had I accomplished? So I took the advice of my husband -who doesn’t read your blog so I can openly admit this- but I kept my lap open and quit worrying about the house. When my babies are happy, all is well. But I cried to my mom because I just can’t operate in disorder. She turned me to FlyLady and BAM!!! My babies have my lap and my house is liveable and I don’t have to follow the system to a “t.” I do what works for me and I get to enjoy my time. Granted – I still have bad days. But, to know that I never get the time back finally rang true when #3 came along.

  5. laurie lariviere

    really beautiful post Liz, and your family…gorgeous doesn’t even describe it! You are lucky beyond the stars…hope 2014 is wonderful for you all 🙂

  6. Gina

    My three children are grown and most of the time “out of the nest”. I look at the photos of your family and just smile. I can see and feel the love you all have for one another each time I arrive at your blog. I wish I would have spent less time worrying about a clean house and getting work done and more time just playing and enjoying all the every day moments. It all goes by so quickly.
    Just breathe and enjoy 2014…you are doing a wonderful job!

  7. Pauline Parker

    Loved this post. Baby number three (eight years later than her brother and sister) taught me that dirty fingers marks on windows are a blessing indeed!! She is now 36 years old and I learned more from her about being free than I could ever believe. So, there are two words that are not in my life….should and regret. If you want to do it. Do it. The best times we have are family times and no one can take those memories away from us. Light was a great word, so is free, but my favourite this year is Shine. Somehow they are fit together. Blessings and Happy New Year from Christchurch New Zealand

  8. Elisa

    Love those pictures!!! they are so so lovely, and the card for Christmas is super cute, love that font you used to say: “Let your heart be light” which font is that¿??
    I admire you so much, because I don´t know how you manage to raise 4 kids and still create and be so fashion always, pleaseeee I need some advise 😉 I just have one little baby (10 months) who steal all of my time LOL
    thanks for being so inspiring

  9. Kelly Jean

    I love.your posts and always love seeing your little family, wild adventures, and beautiful creations. But I also love these posts that are honest and heartfelt, that talk about your struggles and your triumphs. I hope this year is good to you!

  10. Belinda

    I love the cowl you made for your daughter. Is it possible to get the pattern, would love to make one for my grandson.


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