Scenes from tonight.
It feels straight up cozy and Christmasy in here tonight. I know, I know it is Thanksgiving Eve… but I can celebrate two holidays at once. That’s why I’m decorating our tree while Collin is making apple pie and the kids put on a Christmas record and the Polar Express movie.

There have been a string of seemingly meaningless events this week that caused me to stop and be thankful for all the simple blessings in my life. Which are many… especially if you count all of my incredible family and the amount of pies that are in my kitchen right now. Honestly though life isn’t perfect or easy. It’s hard and sometimes I cry or worry, which some might say that neither of those help the situation, but that’s when I turn to other things I love. Like peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, filling up an online shopping cart, Diet Coke, a hot bath, prayer & more prayer. Also, laughter–which Collin effortlessly makes possible every day. I’m blessed to share the amazing and the challenging times with my best friend. Creating something with pictures and a story, cuddling, yoga, kissing Myles & nuzzling into his cheeks, a dance by Quincey and Lola, an Avery bear hug, a new stack of pretty paper or sending a happy mail of goodies, any Will Ferrell movie but preferably one that’s hilarious. Oh, and taking photos… like I did just now. Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful for you!


Teaching Quincey the secrets to the apple pie he makes every year for the past twelve and counting. Though this year he got frustrated and said to enjoy this because it’s THE last year he’s making them. But I think I’ve heard that before. ; )


My baby. Can you see that toofer? Stop it. Showing off by sitting up on his own too.


6 thoughts on “#Thankfulheart

  1. Marilyn, Northern VA

    Your white tree with those colorful paper ornaments is beautiful.

    Might you be doing a “favorites” post for Christmas again this year? Hope so, always some neat ideas you give us.

  2. Lucinde

    Love your list of ‘other things to turn to’, so recognizable. The last weeks I found out that my top things to do are: filling up an online shopping cart and praying. And of course that last thing is the best ;). And thinking of all the other things I’m blessed with.

    I’m a bit late for the happy thanksgiving, but… a merry christmas in advance?


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