Three = Frilly + Feisty

We celebrated Lola bug’s birthday yesterday. This girl is so cheerful, loves everything girlie, frilly, pink, rufflly! Loves dress up, crawling in our bed at 4 am, and dancing to Annie. And she’s got some serious sass.
Her day started with a waffle breakfast & crown then a date with mom and dad of playing at her favorite trampoline-jump place, dinner, shopping and dessert. A tradition we started last year where mom and dad get one on one time with the birthday girl/boy… it’s my new favorite thing! We went to Texas Road House and she was not shy about sitting on the saddle and yelling “Yeeeeeeehaw!!” Then she filled up my stroller with everything at the Disney store she could reach and ended up with an Aerial doll. Course.
Because if you want your daughter to look up to someone– it’s the 16  year old princess who rebels against her dad for some boy she says she loves that she’s never even talked to and then she runs away to find an evil, crazy person to help her who ends up tricking her and almost killing everyone. Haha! Love Disney movies.

Growing up my mom made sure that our birthdays were such a special day. I can remember a Strawberry Shortcake Doll cake she made and I even have an invitation in a keepsake box she sent out for my second birthday. Man these girls’ birthdays sneak up on me but I managed to make some quick fringe garlands, ombre table cloth from last birthday and ballon garland… Trying to do my best for them to feel that same love I remember.
-BALLOON BANNER: this is so easy. Just blow up a bag of balloons and then tie them about 6 inches apart, depending on how big they are. Use twine or curling ribbon. Then hang it up.
-FRINGE BANNER: I shared how to make fringe banners in a previous post. Using plastic tablecloths and a rotary cutter. I hung up the fringe as garlands and also vertically on the ends of the balloon banner.
PAPER GARLANDS: You can find some garlands at party supply stores or online that add some dimension to the decor.
-OMBRE TABLECLOTH I used RIT dye and some fabric and dip dyed the tablecloth… I’ve been wanting to make one for ages and thanks to this pipsqueak’s birthday I had an excuse to do it.


I told my sister when she opened this dress from her that I guarantee she will sleep in it. And she did.

This morning was cake for breakfast & the after party! bwaha! xo, Lizzy

16 thoughts on “Three = Frilly + Feisty

  1. Mel J

    Cute! We always loved one on one time with our parents too and I think this is a great idea. I love the decor ‘- birthdays should be really special as they only happen once a year!

  2. Tori

    SO so cute and colourful! How many table clothes did you use to make all those banners?! love all the decorations, so fun! 🙂

    1. Elizabeth Kartchner Post author

      I bought the rectangle size plastic table cloth in each color and didn’t use it all. such quick easy decor!

  3. Kimber

    ah! she’s a cutie and you do so well making birthdays so memorable, i love it! i’ve been itching for a new cake stand like yours, you’ve probably had it forever but do you remember where it’s from?

  4. Pauline Parker

    Lucky girl, what else can I say. No one can ever take our memories away from us and your lovely family will have plenty of them. So special when we look back.


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