Three Little Fairy Birds

Fairy Birds is a darling book that teaches kids to give to others by spreading acts of kindness through out their day. Even better– they do so while dressed up in wings and sprinkle confetti hearts as they go. This children’s book series is about Fairies who are actually in Fairy Godmother training. If you notice the wings my girls are wearing… each feather is earned when they are in training. In the first book they can grow their pink “givie” feather as they give to others. I love what this teaches and in a fun-interactive way!

Head over to Small Fry Blog for more pictures, videos & details including 3 giveaways for books & darling accessories…! Such a great gift idea and prezzie for your own Fairy Birds. Thanks to Emily and Nicole at Small Fry for the pictures and magical afternoon adventure!


5 thoughts on “Three Little Fairy Birds

  1. Lisa W.

    LOVE this…your little ladies are SO adorable!!! Wishing my little lady was little again seeing this:) She’s 19, GOODNESS where does the time go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. mindy t

    How sturdy are the wings? My girls are 4 and 2 and I know they would love these. But I would hate to have them fall apart.


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