the b i g K!

Kindergarten people. Kindergarten. I would have been balling like a freaking baby but her excitement was bursting enough for the both of us.
And it’s only half day so it’s enough time to gather myself and start a load of laundry maybe even break into my chocolate stash if I’m lucky.

Working on both of my girls school mini books.  I used the Handbooks and Studio Calico inserts. Avery’s Kindergarten and 1st grade is done and I need to add 2nd grade now. Today I get to start Q’s school book. Seeing how my each of my girls approached going to school confirms how different they are. Today Quincey was nothing but excited! I remember Ave more hesitant and nervous. I still have a school book for each grade that my mom put together for each grade keeping race ribbons, school paper and other things together. I would take a picture of it but it’s in the same room Lola is sleeping. If she wakes before her nap is done it’d be like waking The Hulk and I will run and hide. I’ll post more pics of the album asap! xo, Lizzy


14 thoughts on “the b i g K!

  1. FashPackSocialClub

    Cute photos 🙂 That must be so amazing to have those “books” from your own childhood. My boy has one from his old nursery, and he absolutely loves it. Reminds me that I should do more of that. Thanks.

  2. Ann Marie

    Oh — look at Q and her little red beads! I’ve always had such a soft spot for her, she’s sooooo Qute!

  3. Michelle aguilar

    awe super sweet. Although all my photos were thrown out, I do have my very own album that is called: “a Scrapbook” since I was about 8-9 years old. It has my ribbons and memories, certificates inside. I have some photos that some family have sent to me so I can remember me back then. No school ones then but for high school a few. I am so glad we do the things we do, means so much as we have a chance to look back. I love memories. xo

  4. Lisa W.

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH such major cuteness AND flooding with so many memories of sending my three off to the BIG K…ahhhhhhhhhh beleive it or not they are now 25…23…and 19! Where or where does the time go….love like crazy they grow up super SUPER fast. Thanks for making my day!!!!!!!!!

  5. Neroli F.

    She is BEYOND adorable! Love how excited she looks, my daughter was MUCH more reserved and nervous (like Avery). Good luck to your little munchkin for the next stage of her (pre-school) life … and enjoy the chocolate when you get there haha!

  6. Dunia

    That’s a lovely album!
    Could you tell me the measurements, please? It doesn’t say in TwoPeas… Also, what pages do you use?
    Thank you!

  7. Courtney

    Dear Lizzy, I’ve followed you for years and just love your style, honesty, and creativity! I’m wondering…does it bother you at all that the SNAP pages aren’t truly 3×4, 6×4, etc? I feel so stuck because I love when my photos/papers are snug in those little pockets, and that extra 1/8″ is bugging me so much that it’s giving me a creative block!! Any advice??

  8. Julie {CalleLillyCafe}

    Oh I how I wish my mom did this for me. That was a time when the first polaroids and real film were used. Yikes! I take many photos of my girls from everyday things to the big stuff. I wish I started this years ago! My teen would love it! Where would I begin?! I have many saved awards & papers too. Oh my!


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