Shine On Zuzu

Ashley & Chris found out yesterday that Zuzu will need her second open heart surgery in Boston this Tuesday. My family and I put together a fundraiser because there are some travel expenses that insurance is unable to cover. Thanks for helping get their family to Boston and repair Zuzu’s heart!
My sister in law, Allison, made the rad logo of the Boston skyline with the words Shine On.
Shine On is inspired by the Primary Children’s Hospital and because Zuzu is a fighter and continues to shine with her bright cheerful spirit through it all.
Some of our family and extended family have donated to her fundraiser. They are some cute things to choose from! Including a gold heart necklace to remind you of Zuzu.
C H E C K  I T  O U T…

Read more of her story here and here

7 thoughts on “Shine On Zuzu

  1. caz hancock

    OK as I am in NZ i can not buy anything so thought I would do the donation part, it is charging me shipping to NZ for this, now I do not mind that if Zuzu gets the money? would you find out for me, I just do not want some one else getting it is all.

  2. abbeyviolet

    My nephew has Tetralogy of Fallot. Our path has not been exactly the same, but we hold you in our thoughts, prayers, and hearts Hugs, love, prayers, and donation sent.

  3. Pauline Parker

    I tried to leave a message on your sister’s blog last night but for some reason it would not work.
    From far away in New Zealand I send love and prayers, as do my church family. We sometimes don’t understand God’s reason for sending us our particular little ones, but this wee soul is definitely here to teach…us and the doctors, I believe. In Zuzu’s name I have been into our Christchurch Neo Natal unit this morning and donated some beautiful little clothes for the precious wee blessings there. Kia Kaha…Be strong.

  4. Ashley

    Hi! I have had the pleasure of meeting you at a few scrapbooking events over the years and have loved following your blog. My daughter was born around the same time as ZuZu, so I feel I have a connection to her, her strong mama and of course her sweet little face has touched my heart. <3 I would really love to donate, but it is saying the donation spot is sold out! (HOORAY for getting some great donations!) will this option be available again soon? Or will some of the other sold out items be available for purchase. Sorry for all of the questions, I am sure the last thing you are wanting to focus on right now are computer issues! Thank you for letting us know about ZuZu's story so we can love and pray on her and your family. Sending love, prayers, and support.

  5. alison

    Hi lizzy, i follow you for scrapbooking an i read articles about your family.
    i m very touch about zuzu story. i have a big think for her and bought 2 necklaces for my contribution.
    i really really think about her.
    and her parents. be strong !!!
    bye alison from france.

  6. Kristen

    As the momma of a sick baby as well, we can’t donate money. We know how expensive it is and how quickly it adds up. And what insurance doesn’t cover. But you better believe we will pray for little Z and the family.


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