Would you like some cake with that bow?

Apparently turning five years old is critical information because this little dolly has to tell everyone she’s five years old. If I’m talking to a friend we ran into somewhere she will tug on my shirt until she interrupts, “Tell your friend I’m five.” Or when we were stopped at the hospital parking entrance she’s yelling “Mom! Mooom!! Mooom” from her carseat… “Did you tell that lady I’m FIVE?!”
Instead of a handful of rambunctious five year olds celebrating her birthday, we took Quincey out for some one-on-one time with Collin, Myles and me. Swimming, dinner at Texas Road House and then a stop for a cupcake at Sweet Tooth Fairy for dessert were on the agenda. You could tell she needed and adored the undivided attention. Bascially, she was in heaven.

Each year I have back to back birthdays for Quincey and Avery… seeing that this year I had a newborn baby I kept it pretty simple. The focus being on the girls… oh, and the birthday cakes. Last year I went a little overboard with cakes and the madness continued this year.
To keep decor simple I used things I had on hand:

-BALLOON BANNER: this is so easy. Just blow up a bag of balloons and then tie them about 6 inches apart, depending on how big they are. Use twine or curling ribbon. Then hang it up.
-FRINGE BANNER: I shared how to make fringe banners in a previous post. Using plastic tablecloths and a rotary cutter. I hung up the fringe as garlands and also vertically on the ends of the balloon banner.
PAPER GARLANDS: You can find some garlands at party supply stores or online that add some dimension to the decor.

14 thoughts on “Would you like some cake with that bow?

  1. laurie lariviere

    that is some cake and a really cute 5 year old girl! my son did the same thing, was so happy to be 5…can’t believe he’ll be 16 in two months! ugh…loved your previous post, too funny!

  2. Elee

    You’re such a wonderful & beautiful mom, Liz! She’ll look back at these photos & remember why birthdays are such a great celebration!

  3. Sharon

    What a great party! I’m glad that Quincey had a lovely fifth, that’s 5, 5, 5, I say, birthday. You’re such a good Mom.


  4. Jessica Toulmin

    Gorgeous, and what a special birthday. My son turned 4 last week. He doesn’t get me to tell everyone he’s 4, he tells them himself! So funny, I giggle every time 🙂 At least they’re really excited about their birthdays.

  5. Lisa W.

    OH how we love that Quincey girl…she is a keeper…she is a cutie patootie for sure. How adorable, a fun outing with Mom, Daddy, and Myles…perfect. Loved this post, really made my day!!!!!!! OH and she’s five:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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