We still have tickets leftover…

Last week the carnival crew rolled into town with their candy apples, carousel rides and oversized stuffed animals. Of course we couldn’t miss it. Myles stayed cozy in his stroller which gave me a free hand to capture some photos. Lately I’ve found it easier to use my phone convieniently in my pocket but it’s always nice to take the big girl camera for a ride. We called up our friends and fam and hit up the carnie madness. It was one-ticket-a-ride night so the whole town was there. Which was good and bad. Good for people watching. Bad for being impatient when waiting in line for funnel cakes.
Avery’s shirt c/o Adorn Me Girl
Remember when you were little and could ride all the fun rides that spin like crazy?! Now they just make me sick. Such a bummer because the-barely-held-together-by-a-screw Gravitron was calling my name…

Yeah! He just won a goldfish in a cup. 😉
The only thing that would make this photo better would be those neon glasses on his eyes.

Ummmmmm, really? She might as well lick that nasty gate!!!! All sorts of tasty diseases.


Stolen from Collin’s instagram because Lola’s and Juju’s faces were too good not to share. I think she liked it!


One of my daily rituals is checking Google Reader for my favorite blogs. I’m sure you already know, but Google Reader is ending next month. I find that really irritating… but I am wondering what you use to read blogs? I have heard of Blog Lovin but I am wondering what else is out there. Here’s a link below to Blog Lovin or if you want to subscribe to my blog via email. I have some fun stuff ahead! Thanks so much for reading this blog! xo, Lizzy



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32 thoughts on “We still have tickets leftover…

  1. Jori

    feedly. feedly. feedly. I was SO annoyed when I first learned that Google Reader was disappearing, but honestly, feedly is AWESOME. They have really stepped up their company in all sorts of fantastic ways as soon as the announcement was made.

    No connection to the company, just a very satisfied and not very technically inclined user.

  2. royal

    I switched to feedly after seeing a test of four readers over at everydayreading.com. she likes feedly the best and I’ve been quite happy with it!

  3. Nicolle S

    Hi Lizzy,

    I’m soo bummed Google Reader is ending as well. I just switched over to Bloglovin’ and I like it so far.

    TFS your great pics!


  4. Joan

    Another Feedly fan here. I’ve been using it since the Google announcement. I have it on my phone too.

  5. Heather

    Feedly is wonderful! Just found your blog. Lots of good stuff going on here. Thanks for the great content!

  6. Kim Woods

    Please tell me someone went home with one of those giant sock monkeys!!! That instagram picture is totally hilarious!

  7. eeny

    looks like a fun day.

    i read all my blogs through feedly. it’s awesome. super easy to integrate your blog roll from google reader. plus it has an iphone/ipad app too.

  8. Michelle C

    I agree with some other people I like Feedly best. I tried BlogLovin but it just didn’t stick the way Feedly has. I like the way it looks and how I can categorize the blogs that I read.

  9. Megan Anderson

    I use Bloglovin’, but I made sure to turn the annoying “inside Bloglovin'” links off so I can visit the actual sites with their actual URLs. (Go to Settings >>> I don’t want the frame). You can also use it to import your Google Reader blogs.

    I love Bloglovin’ so much because I can visit the actual blogs to see the blog designs people work so hard for and to help blogger’s page view stats. I also love the “mark all as read” button!

  10. Helen Boyd

    Hello, I have been following you for years now but thought I would say Hello. I tried Feedly and Bloglovin. I really didn’t like Feedly, as I was adding new content (not having been a Goodgle Reader) it took me ages to attempt to add my fav blogs – I gave up in the end I much prefer BlogLovin. It finds blogs much easier and I prefer the layout. Helen 🙂

  11. Helen Boyd

    Hello, I have been following you for years now but thought I would say Hi. I tried Feedly and Bloglovin. I really didn’t like Feedly, as I was adding new content (not having been a Google Reader) it took me ages to attempt to add my fav blogs – I gave up in the end I much prefer BlogLovin. I prefer the layout. Helen 🙂

  12. Bea Monforte

    What a cool night 🙂
    And OMG I have been all the time thinking Lola was Quincey and Q was L all the time until the carrousel picture! xD

    xoxo, Bea

  13. Jamie Walker

    I made the switch to Feedly and I’m loving it. Although, I’m still a little annoyed that Google reader is going away. 🙂

  14. Rachel B

    Another vote for Feedly. I started using them as soon as I found out about Google Reader closing and absolutely love it. I am totally switched over now and couldn’t be happier. It was super easy to get things transferred, all I did was sign in through google reader and Feedly did the rest.

  15. Emilie

    I agree with Megan Anderson… I like to read the blog on the actual site, not in a generic reader. You bloggers pay so much money designing these cute blog headers and sidebars and have sponsors that pay to advertise, etc… but in readers such as Feedly, you don’t see any of that. In Bloglovin, you read the posts on the actual blog.

  16. Sheri E.

    Looks like a fun time was had by all. I started with Bloglovin’ but couldn’t pin or even open to the actual blog post. I emailed them and they actually answered and said they were working on those features. So I tried Feedly and after a couple weeks of figuring it out I really like it, maybe more then Reader.

  17. Kristin

    Like others, I use feedly. I love that it just imported my stuff from google reader so I didn’t have to spend the time to do so. The format is very friendly and easy to use too. 😉

  18. Tahnie

    Ah, we missed Strawberry Days this year. So fun seeing it through your eyes! I can feel the fun and whimsy through your gorgeous photos! 😉

    I’ve been using blog lovin’ (following you on there already, woohoo!) but dang, it looks like tons of people are loving feedly, I need to check that out.

    Happy Weekend to you darling!


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