Dear Summer

Dear Summer,
So far it’s started off great with snow cones, two birthday parties, swim time and a little trespassing. (To get these pics!) Which backfired with the worst allergies ever from trekking through waist high weeds. But if you forgive me for trespassing I will forgive you for the sneezing attacks all. day.
We’ve got big plans for you, summer. Thanks for bringing the sunshine and late sun sets. We are ready for lots of new adventures! Love, Lizzy

The trespassing was justified because I needed some pics of Avery for a little project I am putting together for her journal this summer. For the next 20 days she has a Reading Camp and we really want to keep her learning and excelling the next few months.
I don’t know if it’s the sunshine or Myles sleeping through the night. (Goodbye 2am zombie life!) But I am feeling inspired and actually want to create… and I really really like this feeling!

Happy F R I D A Y!


My favorite part as we were walking through the weeds, Avery asked, “Why do we always do this?” “It’s fun!” hahaha I really don’t know. ; )

10 thoughts on “Dear Summer

  1. Kari

    Love these pics. Would love to hear more about the reading camp and the journal you are creating for her. Ideas!!!!

  2. Katie

    I have a 6-week old baby and would LOVE to know your secret for getting Myles to sleep through the night. Are you nursing exclusively? I’m DYING!

  3. kami

    Great pictures! I love when I’m in an inspired mood – have fun with it! And congrats on emerging from the zombie life 🙂


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