DIY: Baby Chevron & Triangle Leggings

These days have been a blur… what day is it anyway?  My main goal in life right now is teaching Myles when it is day & night. He was completely opposite a couple nights ago and I could’ve sworn I got hit by a train in the blissful hour sleep I got. But despite the zombie-esque swagger in my walk there’s definitely something wonderful about having a baby in our home. Just the overall peace and love he brings… I mean I literally stare at him all day. How is that possible?! He’ll smile when you graze his cheeks or he grasps my finger or hair. He’s very alert and loves to eat… like all day. I’ve gone off dairy since his tummy was really hurting a couple days ago. I’ve done this with all my kids for the first few months. It’s worth it to avoid crying where you can tell it’s their tummy hurting. And seriously that is true love right there… because this girl loves her cheese and cereal. But my girls drink enriched rice milk so I use that. Has anyone else gone on a special diet while nursing? Please share…

Today I wanted to share how to make some of your own chevron and triangle print baby leggings and baby blanket. The baby blanket above was made using a maxi dress that I didn’t want anymore. I cut it to the size that I wanted and then folded and ironed the unfinished edge then sewed a quick seam. It was super easy and I love the bold stripe.
The red and green striped pants below I made using one of his pants as a pattern and sewed two pieces together and added elastic at the waistband. The grey with triangles are leggings I picked up at Target. I sewed the legs to fit 2 inches smaller (they were super wide). The red chevron pants I share the steps of how to make them below.

I made these chevron leggings by starting with the 5 minute leggings steps on Small Fry blog. It started as a skirt from Forever 21 I got on clearance for a few bucks. Since he is so tiny I could get 2 pairs out of the one knit skirt. Then I used my Silhoutte and diecut a pattern from freezer paper. Next, I ironed the shiny side to the pants and painted it white. Last peel off the pants and enjoy your one of a kind pants.
Follow the same steps to make a triangle template for the grey pants below.


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Thanks for reading! Have a great day…!  xo, Lizzy


24 thoughts on “DIY: Baby Chevron & Triangle Leggings

  1. Heather

    Aww… He is such a little cutie! I went on a gluten-free diet while I nursed our babies. My husband has Celiac disease (gluten intolerance), and we didn’t know if our children would have it or not. So just in case, I went gluten free while nursing. It was REALLY hard to stick with the diet. Good luck!

  2. caz hancock

    such a cutie pie and i love his wardrobe … No special tips from this mama as i couldnt nurse Lucy, I had a lot of problems when i had her and she wouldn’t eat, like for 3 days it was awful. sadly i missed out on that amazing experience.

    What is rice milk? and I am wondering if Lucy would like it, she would live on hot milk 24/7 if she could and she will be 7 soon LOL
    LOVES it

  3. Donna

    Best nursing tip, avoid high acid fruits/juices like grapes and oranges. It’s been a while but worked for me.

  4. Sabrina

    I mostly went off dairy with 2nd. I still had a little (butter and cheese) because it’s seriously in almost every recipe. I know it helped because I swear if I had dairy he’d spit everything out. He also had exzema and rashes all over body but went away when off. Just look at it as a small blip in life. He eventually grew out of it and when over a year we did whole milk in bottle and he was fine.

  5. genevive

    smiling now imagining you already have a boy with your pretties…

    after giving birth with my two, my parents would feed me chicken soup with moringa leaves… and lots of coco-caramel jam homemade by my dad..

    get enough rest Lizzy.

    (so funny i posted this comment in your previous post LOL!)

  6. Ann Ricks

    Okay, your baby is adorable. (Hope he sleeps better soon.) The clothes are adorable. (I don’t even have cute clothes to cut up to make darling clothes for my grandsons.) But what I REALLY can’t help but notice is your flat tummy!! Seriously?? LOL. Good for you. You look terrific.

  7. Liz

    So cute – what a beautiful boy!
    Here’s a tip that may be helpful for nursing. Eliminate onions – cooked and raw – small amounts are also found in tomato sauces, soups, coatings on fish, meat, potato, salad dressings, ‘natural flavorings’, flavored frozen veggies, and more.

  8. Julie

    Myles is precious!! I went off dairy and limited soy for my daughter – she was born in November. I never tried eliminating foods with my son (he’s 2), but I am pretty sure he had some intolerances as well – he was very fussy, colicky, etc. I just didn’t know at that point that it could be due to what I was eating! Anyway – I tried reintroducing dairy a couple of times with my daughter; finally at around five months she seemed to be over it. She has been overall SUCH a happier baby; she’s content and SO chubby (she ate literally all day/night for the first couple of months, lol). It was kind of ridiculous for me to go off dairy as my main food groups are cheese and chocolate but I think it was actually kind of good for me in the long run. I’m not a milk drinker though, so that didn’t bother me. 🙂 I survived because a nursing mommy friend told me that Oreos are dairy free!!! We also started substituting coconut oil for butter and using some almond and coconut milk in recipes – that made it a little easier to keep some normalcy in what we were eating. I have not yet found a cheese substitute that I like, although I’ve heard a lot of people recommend Daiya. Hope his little tummy grows out of it soon for your sake!

  9. KateT

    I think it’s a great idea to listen to what Myles wants. If you eat spicy and he’s not happy then don’t eat spicy etc.

    Did I miss what type of paint your using?


  10. Shrub

    I have stopped dairy, processed foods, bread, sugar & white potatoes. Dairy I was anxious to see if it’d help my son’s “reflux” and gas. Seems to be working great so far. On day 40. Incase you didn’t know, it takes approximately 30 days for our bodies to completely get rid of all the dairy in our system.

  11. Talia

    I love these! So unique and different to the boring stuff you see in the baby shops!

    I went off dairy with my son, Lior. Actually, he’s 16 months old in a couple of days and we’re still off dairy. Today I have been weaning him (cold turkey, poor chook!), so next week I might be able to actually have some cheese for the first time in 13 months!!

    So agree, that is love. It is so totally worth it though. 🙂

  12. Doreen Obrien

    You make such cute babies 🙂 I ate very bland when I nursed, and my babies were very happy. I ate LOTS of oatmeal, chicken and pasta. Nothing spicy and very little dairy. My first son weighted 24 lbs at 6 months with JUST breast milk so I guess he really liked the oatmeal. Boys are so much fun…good luck,

  13. Monica F.

    My kiddies drank rice milk too when little & now they are fine on any cultured dairy (cheese or yogurt) if they have a little milk I just make sure they have probiotics daily. When nursing I had too limit dairy, tomato sauce & orange juice ( anything acidic). Probiotics helped when I took them & also Barleylife – which makes you more alkaline. I also used homeopathic anti gas drops for the baby. Sorry I not remember the brands but most work well. Enjoy!

  14. CJ

    Oh Lizzy, that boy is so utterly gorgeous, I think I would stare at him all day too. I was vegan when I had my first two boys; when I had the third I was eating dairy, and he was the only one who had tummy ache and eczema. I’m sure there is a connection. And they were all really hungry – maybe it’s a boy thing! But such fun, really, such fun all the time.

  15. Tara

    With a few recommendations from friends to try to figure out issues with my son, I too went dairy free for at least 6 months. I eliminated everything with a milk derivative in it. This was extremely difficult for me. We tried to introduce milk later on and he still can not tolerate it and he is now 6. He is completely dairy free and also drinks rice milk. There was research done that most kids allergic to milk are also allergic to soy. He was one of those kids. Even though while nursing it was difficult it prepared me for a lifetime of looking at food labels!

  16. Jule

    I had to avoid everything “milky” during nursing, for 11 month. I went of strawberries, asparagus, garlic as well. Strawberries were too sour. The other two things caused my first daughter to neglect my milk. Not nice. Right now, with my second little girl (8th may), I enjoy the first four weeks eating everything that was not possible during pregnancy. At the age of four weeks, the bad times usually start. That is the time, my midwife suggests to pay attention on the food.

  17. Shellie

    Oh my god he is so adorable!. Making things for Babies is one of my favorite things, especially since they can’t complain its Home-made. 🙂 Wait till he is bigger and he will be like “Seriously no more DIY toys mom” lol

  18. Marsha

    The only thing I did special while nursing my daughter (for 8 months) was to eat my 500 extra calories needed in ICE CREAM. Every day….Lost my weight without a bit of trying, too! It was great. My baby was happy, too!

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