DIY: Knotted Baby Hat

Despite my 5th grade level sewing skills, thanks to Mrs. Thompson for teaching me all I know in Home Ec., there were a couple reason as to why I decided to make some cute stuff for our baby Myles. For one, I had absolutely no baby boy clothes and unless I dressed him up in pink I had to get everything brand new. Yes, I love shopping but not that much shopping… especially for things he’d grow out of quickly.
And the other reason is that there’s not a huge selection of stripes and solids for boys. I’m okay with the occasional truck or dog “I ruff you” but it’s nice to have some basics too.
I started collecting some striped knit fabric & during all the nesting that went down before the baby arrived, I found some clothes I was going to get rid of but would be perfect to reuse.
While this sweet  babe is sleeping I wanted to post an easy tutorial for making some knotted baby hats.

For this hat, I used fabric for a maxi skirt that I never wore. I got it on clearance at Forever 21 but it just fit weird so I never wore it. In the end, it was cheaper than buying that color knit at the fabric store. It also has a finished edge so I use that for the bottom of the hat.
I used this knotted hat template for the hat but cut off the bottom dotted line portion because I didn’t want it to fold over. Then sized it down quite a bit to fit an infant. If you use a hat you already have as a template then just add the top part for the knot. That would work just as well.

To get the triangle print:
I used the triangle background Silhouette cut by Loni Stevens and cut it out of Freezer Paper. Next you iron the shiny side onto your fabric. Then paint with fabric or sometimes I use acrylic paint… and peel the paper off. It works like a charm!

Tomorrow I will share the pants and blankets… Thanks to my babelicious model… kisses…



23 thoughts on “DIY: Knotted Baby Hat

  1. caz hancock

    girl you NEVER fail to amaze me, this hat is rocking and i agree were i to have a boy i would feel the same, what ever happened to nice lines, we dont need to see animals or trucks everywhere!! Love it and i love that he is so adorable in it. your boy is just georgous and soooooo like Avery. you have a seriously beautiful family girl xox

  2. Kathy

    reuse and recycle…fantastic and he is just the cutest little baby model ever… Congratulations on your little boy….little babies are just so scrumptious and I love that baby smell…my babies are 9 and 7 now and I would love to relive that baby stage. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. Lisa W.

    OH so so SO cute, the hat too…you have allot of energy Lizzy:) He looks so much like Quincy and Lola I think…major adorableness!!!!!

  4. susan

    Evidently I missed the posts where you gave birth… What a cutie! Good job, Mom.
    It looks like he has large hands, a sign that he will grow up to be a big boy. He is just lovely. Congratulations! Cool hat.

  5. Annie

    Love the leggings and the Beanie, I totally want to make some for Juju. He looks super cute in his onesie too 🙂 glad you like it

  6. genevive

    smiling now imagining you already have a boy with your pretties…

    after giving birth with my two, my parents would feed me chicken soup with moringa leaves… and lots of coco-caramel jam homemade by my dad..

    get enough rest Lizzy.

  7. gemma

    you are ingenious when it comes to clothes so I was just wondering how you manage to find clothes suitable for nursing? I’m nursing my 3 month old and find I have to avoid orange juice, must be too acid for her little tummy.

  8. Nikki Comma

    Great tutorial! Thanks for linking to the template, I only have one baby hat on hand and I have no idea how it’ll fit my kiddo. Nice that I can size down from that pdf.

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