Baby Boy Faves

Yesterday I got some great news from the doctor about the progression of baby boy’s arrival… Let’s just say next week I’ll (most likely) be holding him. Which makes me freak out and do the happy dance at the same time. Although my dance moves are pretty awkward right now so don’t even picture that for your own sake.
I still need to get lots of stuff for him. But I’m picky because some of the boy stuff out there are dang cheesey! Here are some of my favorite things I found today browsing online. And I was browsing online sick in bed with my laptop. Pregnant with a cold… not cool! Actually it does force me to relax… and do some retail therapy.


17 thoughts on “Baby Boy Faves

  1. laurie lariviere

    all of these are very cute! and you are right, boy clothes can be cheesy, I like the Gap and Children’s Place for some cute boy stuff! Can’t believe he’ll be here so fast!

  2. Gillian

    oh man – couldn’t agree more about the cheesy boy stuff. i get so angry about boys clothes at the stores! baby girls get to be all cutesy but little boy babies have to be MEN! 🙂

  3. Alex

    HaHaHa Collin’s comment is classic, made me chuckle.

    Seems just like yesterday you were announcing your new bundle of joy to all of us blog followers, readers, and stalkers. Congrats again, praying for a safe and healthy delivery for Mini-Collin!

  4. Jule

    And what does Collin say about number 3 on your list ;)?
    Next week, really? So fast? What is wrong about the 7th may? Too curious, all of you, even the little guy?

  5. severine

    i cant wait to meet yout little boy.
    you are just a perfect family to me.
    i wish me and my boyfriend are just halfway perfect as you are.

    hugs severine

  6. Sigrun

    I just placed an order with cissy wears. Being in the UK that was a no brainer – the shop is really cute! I struggle with boy stuff too. I love Danish clothes for my 18 month old boy! The brand MOlo is so cool and funky!
    when I placed the order with cissy wears I mentioned I found them through your blog! Thanks for sharing!!! Good luck in the next few days!!!!

  7. Lisa W.

    Ahhh…hope your feeling better, you gotta have your energy to get that little guy out. YES Colin she’s pregnant…lol. Those fave’s are major cuteness, got to be fun to be picking out some boy things for a change:) The Gap is WAY awesome for boys things, love!!! Enjoy this week or so while he’s still in that belly, before you have to be up in the middle of the night………….remember those days WELL!!!

  8. joolee

    great roundup of boy’s items! i ADORE Freshly Picked’s mocs, and i’d love to splurge on a pair for boy #2 (due in Aug). he’s #4 for us and probably our last, but i’d still love to buy him something new that will be all his own. 🙂 i’m SO jealous you’ll have your little man in your arms next week! best wishes for a safe labor and delivery!

  9. margaretarelene

    Every day I check this blog with great anticipation. When will we hear the news of the safe arrival of the tiny Mr. Kartchner!? I’m very excited to see a photo of him soon 🙂

  10. Sheyb

    Boy clothes suck from the big name stores. Gap and Old navy have some good stuff! GAP is just really pricey. Never realized how lame the boy clothes are because I had girls. I’m so picky about what my son wears my mom won’t even buy him clothes. Haha! Once they hit 6 months, though, it gets better.


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