our new Home On Wheels

Instead of staying up late at night trying to figure out a boy’s name for our little guy who’s due… let’s see, T minus 13 days, Collin and I sit side by side looking at Pinterest and getting camper renovation ideas. For some crazy-awesome reason we thought this was a good time to buy a camper and renovate it. Something we’ve been wanting to do for years. Well, Friday we picked up our new home on wheels and spent every spare second over the weekend working on it. We got tons done. Or… ummm… Collin got tons done. But I am so excited! This crazy idea is going to be the source of insanely fun ‘glamping’ memories. I can’t wait! Here’s some dreamy campers I saw online and posted some of our process below.

Lots of helpers if you count Tuque-who is great at watching paint dry. Quincey is very skilled at painting herself and everything in sight. Nothing is safe.

Can’t wait!
All photos via Pinterest

27 thoughts on “our new Home On Wheels

  1. Julie Keller

    I truly love this glamping idea that’s catching on. If my husband and I didn’t have a three year old trailer, I’d be VERY tempted to try this idea. Your girls, and son will love the memories of growing up camping. Congrats on your new home πŸ™‚

  2. Tahnie

    You two just make me smile big time!! Cannot wait to see when it is all done! I love your zest for life…it motivates me in the best way. πŸ™‚

    Also? Listening to your playlist today while I have a rainy day tea party with my girl. hehe.


  3. Lisa W.

    Ahhhhhhh this is TO cute…I love LOVE those vintage campers. Are you all gonna fit in there??? …LOL Hope your doing well, we can’t wait to meet your little man!

  4. Karen

    Oh man, oh man, oh man…drooling like a crazy woman over here. I love the fins on these great little campers. There is a lady in our town that has one of these and she rents it out for birthday paties. How fun!!! Sooo I have to ask, have you seen the new glamping fabric line that’s called….wiat for it….Glamping! LOL It is so fun!! You gotz to check it out. In the meanwhile have fun with your new little beauty. Have you named him, her yet?

  5. Franny Rogers

    I LOVE this!! We’ve been looking at doing this someday! You are truly inspiring with your zest for life and your love of family. Can’t wait to see the finished product!!! πŸ˜‰

  6. Traveling Mama

    That is so cool! I bet you guys are going to make some great memories! We had the hardest time picking names for our boys. Why are boy names so much harder than girls?

  7. Marcia Scantlin

    I know what your collection will be about. That camper is too stinking cute and would make a great play house for the girls.

  8. Debbie from Illinois

    My in-laws had a Shasta camper like that! My heart breaks to think they sold it about 15 years ago for $800. It was in mint condition too. My hubby and I own a fancy camping trailer with all the modern conveniences but I sure would like to own an oldie but goodie!

    Have fun!

  9. Jo C

    I totally love it! We have one too but it’s a contemp. design. Invest in an annex and some colour co-ordinated sleeping bags as they are so much easier to wash πŸ™‚ Happy travels with your little clan,

  10. laurie lariviere

    how fun! you’ll have a great time as a family in there…better get name picking, that little man will be here before you know it…lol

  11. Sarah Elizabeth

    We’ve been renovating a Shasta like the ones in your pictures, it’s been a lot of work for my hubby but I can’t wait to take it out! We’re planning on going to a vintage trailer meet up at Willard Bay in September…hopefully it is done and been in use before than :). Good luck with yours.

  12. Skrapkitty

    Like you we have 3 girls and one little man. Always had boy names picked out for when the others were born but didn’t get a chance to use them. Then when our little man arrived none of them seemed appropriate . . . Our little maverick was named McCrae and it fits him perfectly! I’m sure whatever name you choose will be just as perfect for your family as the first three!

  13. CJ

    Fantastic, how exciting. I always wanted a campervan or a little caravan. I am sure that you will all have many happy adventures in it. Good luck with the name choosing!

  14. Kim Woods

    I’m jealous and happy for you at the same time! That go-get er dun husband of yours is so handy! Excited to see that baby boy!!

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  16. Steve Voss

    Have the name for you that only one person that I know of ever used
    and he was in the story….how about…Aladin…..


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