Road trip potty break aka Maternity shoot

On our road trip to California we stopped for an impromptu photo shoot/ potty break.ย These were taken about a week and a half ago and it’s amazing how much this belly has grown already.
I am officially counting down from 4 weeks and kinda freaking out. Just have lots to get and organize to prepare for our little guy. Oh, and I also STILL haven’t figured out a name. aye yiyi! You’ll find Collin and I saying names all night hoping one will stick.

It actually wasn’t until I found myself walking around Disneyland pregnant & pushing a double stroller while holding Avery’s hand that I realized… ummmm, we have quite the bunch of sprouts. People looked at Collin and I like we must be crazy with all these kids. Lots of staring… and counting. haha

Pictures taken at about 35 weeks.

Some fun posts over at PAPER PARTY!

22 thoughts on “Road trip potty break aka Maternity shoot

  1. Katiecupcake

    i completely love these! you look beautiful! and i think every time a baby is almost at it’s home on earth, everyone starts freaking out. they’re so special and you just want everything to be perfect.

  2. Cassaundra Lala

    Your pictures are amazing! I can imagine the looking and counting at Disneyland. I am almost 20 weeks pregnant and have a 3 yr old and a 10-month old. People give me looks all the time and ask how old my kids are. I can’t believe in a few short months I will be the mother of 3 kids aged 3 and under. What was I thinking?!?!

  3. laurie lariviere

    you look stunning and I think people were staring because every single one of you is just gorgeous and they were probably in awe, and most likely thinking that the newest addition is going to be just adorable too! I know that’s what I would be thinking ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. kelly koesters

    Ian goes nicely with Collin and your girls’ names ๐Ÿ˜‰ Beautiful family!


    Pickerington, Ohio

  5. Shay

    EEeeeekkk I am so thrilled for you and your bunch of sprouts to get even bigger, cuz ya’ll are about the cutest family EVER! Sending lots of love & well wishes these last few weeks! xoxo

  6. CJ

    The photos are absolutely stunning, you look lovely. Good luck with the name choosing, I remember what that’s like!

  7. cheryl rodda

    Love you skirt in this picture…where did you find it?
    And don’t worry about more then 1 child…(i’m for CA we look at everyone funny who has more then 1 child…HAHAHA)
    From the outside looking in… you and Colin look like great parents… and if God gave you 20 kids…you would look just as great!

  8. Tracy

    Your pics are amazing as always. During my pregnancies, I looked bloated and uncomfortable… you look peaceful and serene. Lucky girl!

    I love the following boy names: Hayes, Dawson, Crew, Max, Finn. Good luck with your last few weeks!

    PS – Love your Lucky Charm line… used it on some shadow boxes and they turned out GREAT!

  9. Lisa W.

    YOU could not look more beautiful!!! Liam Kartchner, that sounds nice:) My son’s friend just had a baby boy and named him Liam …LOVE!!! Best wishes with your delivery, AND do some nesting but get some rest #4 b4 you know it. The paper party is awesome!!!

  10. EmmaJ

    Beautiful pictures! I have been known to watch and read all the credit names at the end of movies looking for good ones.

  11. Kelly Jean

    You look gorgeous! And my mom had 4 children and I always admired her for the patience that she had. She was a single mom too! Every child is a gift and I can’t wait until we have our own.

  12. Ellie Augustin

    I saw the more the merrier! I “still” haven’t started to get the “look” (we are expecting another blessing) but even when I’m out & about w/my 3 I hear are they ALL yours.. hmm there are only 3 kids here ?!?!?! lol..You look AMAZING!

  13. Vicki Richardson

    I am so excited that a new little sprout is almost here. At least to me it seems like just yesterday you announced the pregnancy. I am a Mother of 7 children, and I so understand the counting. Then they ask are they all yours? First thought how dare you, 2nd thought nope picked them up from a park down the street but could only find two blondies. We are now into the Grands and loving every minute of it. Can’t wait to hear he’s here and his name is……………………
    We have a Nephi and a Jared (brother of Nephi) the next boy is Scott. You don’t know how much heck I caught from that one, you couldn’t find one more boys name in that whole book? LOL

  14. Lori T.

    I LOVE the name Paxson!!
    I have 4 kids too, and people either thought I was a daycare provider or that I
    was CRAZY, lol. It’s a blast ๐Ÿ™‚


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