Hello Sunshine

I apologize for the MIA! Last week I had all the intentions in the world to schedule some posts for while we were gone but obvi that didn’t happen.
Since we are getting down to the last few weeks before our baby boy arrives we wanted one last hurrah with our girls! This included a road trip to Disneyland and the beach! Yes, I waddled around the happiest place on earth and actually had fun! I’m not kidding… I didn’t want to come home and not just because it was snowing at home. Snowing. Not cool.
Though when we did finally get home I couldn’t move and laid in bed allllll night. haha I guess the Disney adrenaline and sunshine was keeping me going… Disney adrenaline? Is that a thing?

Some of my favorite photos of the beach… thanks for letting me share! You’d think we live in a dark cave and  had never seen the sun by how excited we were to bask in its rays.
The water was freezing though… nice to not worry about the kids Baywatching it out and diving into the waves. But they could run around, roll in the sand and just be kids…

Since sitting around has become my new hobby I became the official lounge chair at the beach. I didn’t mind at all.


To edit all the above photos I used Totally Rad Actions. Including Yin/Yang and the brush tool to lighten any dark areas, Oh Snap!, and Flare Up presets. I also like to implement some of the sharpening actions in my editing process.
They also have a new photo editing app Pic Tap Go for your phone that’s, well, totally rad! 

19 thoughts on “Hello Sunshine

  1. laurie lariviere

    I think there is such a thing as Disney adrenaline…there’s so much to see, you want to keep going! thanks for sharing the beach pics, I can feel the sun…and you look fab by the way!

  2. Claudette

    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! So glad and can’t wait to “meet” your baby boy here on the blog!!

  3. Katie

    What a fun trip just for the girls!
    I am going to be hugely pregnant this summer, so I’m on the lookout for a cute bathing suit or two. I love fit and colors of your separates (tankini?). Do you mind letting me know where I could get one of these myself?

    1. Elizabeth Kartchner Post author

      Hi Katie,
      Congrats on the baby!
      this suit is from when I was pregnant with Lola and it’s from Modbe. http://www.modbeclothing.com/swim.aspx I haven’t checked out their site in a while. It’s actually not a maternity suit but it should be because all the gathers etc worked perfect. My sister got a suit from there that wasn’t maternity either.
      Old Navy & Gap have maternity swimwear as well as Asos. good luck! 🙂

    1. Elizabeth Kartchner Post author

      Yep, that’s Newport! Love it! The weather was perfection… just the water was cold.

  4. Liette

    oh lovely mama with a lovely belly…you are so nice with your girls on the beach…looks it was a great moment with your beautiful family…You are very good to be able to walk to Disney…you impress me so much…eager to see your baby boy.!!!

  5. Elee

    I’m so happy for you and I wanted to share that I am 2 months pregnant with our first child! We’re actually flying out to Cali tomorrow night to visit 4 different beaches, so I’m hoping that my migraines and nausea will go away during our trip. I can’t wait to absorb in Vitamin D since we live in the super cold Minnesota. I can’t wait to meet your son too!

  6. Tara

    Out of curiosity is that seal beach? Sure looks like it!
    Your kids are sooo cute!
    Just love your new HSN mini kit!

    1. Elizabeth Kartchner Post author

      It’s actually Newport Beach! But I have been to Seal Beach and it’s lovely as well. 🙂

      thanks I am excited about those HSN mini kits!

  7. Helen

    lovely pictures, seems like you had a whole load of fun, makes me miss the summer even more. your girls are just soo cute. happy easter:-)

  8. Franny Rogers

    Love these pictures! You guys really make vacation seem effortless! I wish our family vacays seemed this serene and relaxed!! A few years ago, you got me hooked on the Fuji Instax mini. I absolutely LOVE LOVE this camera, so thanks for the great review! I was wondering if you have ever had any problem (specifically sand/dirt on sensor) with this camera. I’ve never had any problem until we just got back from San Diego and found sand or particles on my view finder, now I can’t figure out how to clean it. Just curious if you’ve had any problems with yours? My warranty is past a year, so it wouldn’t pay me to send it in to get it fixed, just have to buy a new one….boooo!

  9. Leslee

    Love all of the sunshine pictures! I CANNOT wait for it to warm up! Your girls are absolutely adorable. I am in love with your dip dyed towels, do you remember where you got those? I cannot wait to see your baby boy! I have a baby (aka he will be 5 this week) boy and they are the sweetest. There’s nothing like a boy’s love for his momma.


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