Daily Dozen: March Edition

On the twelfth day of March we were so stinkin lazy… we were all feeling under the weather. Nothing too crazy to complain about but just enough to want to spend the day cuddling… which really is nothing to complain about at all.


Almost everyday I make us green smoothies with my Ninja blender. I laugh an evil laugh watching them unknowingly chug down their spinach! ah-haha!

This place needs to be cleaned up-stat!

Lots of time in the car… school, preschool, dance class, store, pick up, piano, etc etc

A quick stop to the store and some more cuddling.
(self-timer pic)

Our day wouldn’t be complete without some drama. Lots of drama… and tears.

Avery’s loot that she carries around everywhere! She’s moved up in the world… from bag lady to the plastic container lady.

Seeing them play well together is something to document. This makes me so happy. All of their dolls are currently named Zuzu. (after our new niece)

Blue skies!!!!!!!!!!!

Really quiet around the house today. A nice change.

Bedtime craziness!
Of course dad brings home lots of excitement! There’s definitely a sense of wholeness when he arrives home for dinner. You can feel the energy shift, the girls love when we are all together. (Love you daddy!)

Next month I will give people more of a heads up so you can play along… ! Leave a comment and link to your pics if you did!
xoxo, Lizzy

27 thoughts on “Daily Dozen: March Edition

      1. Nancy

        I just got it and I am impressed with the print quality!! I can’t get it to connect to my wireless so I’m going to try and try my best to get that part figured out next. Thanks again for sharing the tutorial!!

  1. Lucia

    Beautiful photos, your home is filled with love πŸ™‚ btw. may I ask you for the green smoothie recipe? Looks delicious.

    1. Elizabeth Kartchner Post author

      Yes, I will post some more details asap on my blog but this one was:
      frozen strawberries
      frozen pineapple
      greek yogurt
      Orange juice
      frozen blueberries
      flax seed oil
      I think that’s it…

  2. Tabitha

    So lovely!! Where are you going to put that baby boy in your car? I’ve been telling the hubs we need a mini-van! Looks like you might need one too!

    1. Elizabeth Kartchner Post author

      I’ve been driving our truck for some reason recently but I’ll switch back to our Honda Pilot when the babe comes. πŸ™‚
      Mini vans are deluxe though!! so much room…

  3. Karen

    Great pics but what I’m dying to know is where, what and how are you attaching your camera?? They are the not typical arms length shots. You are laying in what appears to be bed. Is the camera hanging from your light fixture? Is it attached to your dashboard? LOL too funny how you get all of these shots. I’d love to follow you around for a day just to see you posing to get these pics. LOVE IT!

    1. Elizabeth Kartchner Post author

      Hi Karen!! πŸ™‚
      haha you crack me up… in the car it’s on the dashboard and the other photo it’s on a tripod.
      So boring compared to your imagination… I do like the idea of hanging it from a light fixture. πŸ˜‰

  4. Alice Mak

    Great post, Liz! So in love with these typical everyday pictures! Quick question… there’s a huge spindle of twine on your desk, in one of your pictures. Where did you get that??? Thanks!

  5. Cathy L.

    I love your photos, and I feel the same way when my husband gets home, we are complete! Thanks for the smoothie recipe…I was making them for awhile, but my 30+ year old blender (hand me down from my mom) just wasn’t cutting it. I have been wanting to get a ninja…….

  6. Kelly Jean

    Gorgeous photos! I’m still waiting for the 12th to be on a weekend so I can have a non-boring post. Ooo looks like there is one in May. Maybe I will do April as a “work related post” and May as a “non work related” post.

  7. laurie lariviere

    what fun photos and I love Avery’s loot box, must be a girly thing, kinda like us with purse, gotta have stuff πŸ™‚

  8. Casey

    I love your photos! My daughter drinks green smoothies, knowing there’s green stuff in it, even though she doesn’t like green stuff. She likes the green smoothies!

    How do you use a self timer on that pic? Tripod? I need one of those. lol

  9. Hayley

    I was just about to ask if you drive around a truck, but saw it the answer in the comments! I’m in a Nissan Murano right now, but hubs is trying to convince me to trade it in for a 4 door Titan. (he has a work vehicle, so we only need one car). Do you prefer it? I’m just nervous to fit my babe and toddler in the back seat, plus the length of a truck makes me nervous to back up (so worried I’ll hit someone!)


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