just in time… Happy Love Day video

We had a blast making valentines one afternoon and thought these homemade valentines were a perfect way to spread some love. Quincey was so darling running around with us making her deliveries. She really enjoyed hanging with mommay & daddy and being our star of the show.
I especially loved when she yelled, “It’s for Austin Moon!” When I asked who her valentine was for.
Click here to view a Happy Love Day message for you! Video posted just in time since V-day is almost over…

xo, Lizzy

29 thoughts on “just in time… Happy Love Day video

  1. genevive

    Dear Lizzy,

    They are sooo adorable. watched it 3 times. and ill watch again.

    love, Gen.

    P.S. i have 2 boys. and praying that God will give me a girl too πŸ™‚ Happy Love Day! πŸ™‚

  2. carol

    video is beautifully done. I can feel the love. it just put a smile on my face when i watched it. Thank you for taking time to make such an awesome video. (music is fanastic too!)

  3. Latrice

    Are you kidding me with the cuteness of this? I love her little skip away from the mail box. Oh my she’s the most adorable thing ever.

  4. Shay

    I always think you & the fam can’t get any cuter than you already are, then you post total cuteness like this. absolutely adore this video, just precious. xoxo

  5. Adrienne

    That could have been a great commercial for (insert a comercial product here)! Collin, you are such a great artist! love the camera in the mail box shot!

  6. Christiane

    Adorable actress and video, as always! I would love to know what the music is in the video. I am always looking for music that is memorable but doesn’t outshine the video. Thanks!!!


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