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This morning Quincey saw these pictures and said she wanted to go back there…!!! Oh, to that cool building where you got to run around with a new friend? Where we gave you heart suckers, balloons and dolled you up like a stylin princess? I’m sure you do. Instead I kissed her cheek and she’s at preschool for the next couple hours. But Saturday we did have a blast with my good friend (from our days of braces, bangs and high school soccer games) Heather as the photographer & Tana, the founder of Mom’s Best. Tana invited me to kick off their new series all about motherhood. Since being a mom is the toughest, greatest thing I’ve ever done–I was in.
This week there were a few events in my life that really caused me to stop, take a deep breath and reevaluate where I give of myself. For one, my darling niece was born and is in the NICU… such an angel and amazing fighter. The second she was born she changed me. How this tiny angel had that kind of power and influence on me isn’t surprising… children are so pure and innocent and see this world more simple than we do. We are the ones that complicate it all.  This week I wasn’t the one to let go of a hug first. I squeezed each of my darling bugs until they let go. And even then they had to wriggle their way out of my tight embrace.
Don’t get me wrong… being a mommy is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Why else do you think I have a hidden treat stash and hide in my bedroom for a couple minutes of peace. Which sometimes backfires with Cheerios all over the floor. Ah, I don’t know I’m not one to be poetic or good with explaining my thoughts, but I do know how my heart feels every single day when Lola points to a mole on my cheek and says, “Mommmy, is an owie?” And kisses it better. And I know I don’t want to be too distracted or busy to miss that…
For more Q&A or photos check out Mom’s Best Network
What are 3 things we may not know about you?
-My husband, Collin, was my first date in high school. He asked me to the Homecoming Dance. When he was driving me home after our date he came to a complete stop at a green light. I think he was a little nervous.
-I took a darkroom class in college and dream of having my own darkroom someday so I could spend the day taking pictures with my film camera then develop the pictures later that day. It’s such a cool and dreamy process… with lots of stinky chemicals.
-If I could be anywhere at this moment it would be at a secluded beach somewhere in a hammock, pina colada in hand, painted toe nails with my feet in the sand, sound of kids playing in the distance, sun on my face… I could go on and on.
If there is 1 thing you have learned and could share to inspire and help other women/mothers what would it be?
Sheesh, I feel like I am still learning so much as a woman/mother… but something that I am striving to do is not to compare myself to others. A couple years ago I had a quote on my inspiration board, “Find you. Be you. Be happy with that.” I loved it because at times I feel myself trying to fit into another mold or trying to be like someone else. But I need to focus on what I do best and my natural gifts that can bless others’ lives. I mean, I don’t know anyone else who can eat a bag of Peanut M&M’s as fast as I can. That’s something I need to embrace and be proud of! ; )

We also have a giveaway today. I’m in love with the perfectly styled outfits from Peek Clothing! And you can win a gift card to their online (or check their locations). There’s also a pair of See Kai Run shoes in the giveaway… there are so many styles to choose from and my girls loved them. Quincey would have slept in them…! Also some darling clippies from Ribbies. Basically you’ll be all set and ready to photograph your cutie after you win this!
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Photos by Heather Telford
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198 thoughts on “Mom’s Best Network & Awesome Giveaway

  1. Lucia

    I think you are a great mom and you teach your kids the most important thing, how to love, be loved and how to be happy with yourself. I hope that one day I will be a loving mom like you. Thank you for the chance to win.

  2. Ashley M

    Such sweet photos and interview. 🙂 Love how you just beam with pride and love in every photo of you and your sweet blessings! 🙂
    Praying for your angel neice and for your health as you are pregnant! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  3. Ann Marie

    Wow! I loved every bit of this — your interview and the photos are just awesome. AND I’m “borrowing” this quote. How perfect is that quote?!

  4. Tine

    So cute -sure i had to like them on facebook (Liebe Lerato)
    The pics are super sweet -you and the kids are super adorable 🙂



  5. CassM

    Lovely photos Liz … you can’t go wrong with those three!

    And I can see why the new obsession with Peek kids clothes … 🙂

  6. Meredith

    I love sharing in your expressions of motherhood. It is truly an amazing gift and these little beings change hearts instantly 🙂

  7. Melissa K.D.

    I loved your interview. It is good to know that we as moms we are all doing the best we can! Love your pictures as well, your girls are adorable!

  8. Georgia

    Gorgeous photos. Would love to be able to dress my girls in these adorable outfits! Thanks for a chance to win.


  9. Raelle

    Love your blog. I think you express yourself wonderfully and I can totally relate to a hidden stash of treats. Being a mom is so hard, but so rewarding.

  10. Pam Ballard

    Visited Mom’s best Network. Liked them on facebook! There is nothing like a moms love. I recently lost my mother. She was my best friend, my confident, my everything. Thanks for this giveaway!

  11. Latrice

    This is so great Liz! I love the feature and the photos are priceless. You are one of my biggest mommy inspirations for sure. Love you girlfriend!

  12. Carrie

    Whoa!! When did baby Lola get to be so big?! Put bricks on their little heads!! 😉 Such precious, sweet girls Liz. And you are such an amazing SuperMOM!!! Be proud of that every single day. Praying for your sweet niece…please let us know how she is doing from time to time. Congratulations on the feature! Don’t know of anyone more deserving…enjoy each sweet snuggle and love! 🙂 Blessings,

  13. Tabitha

    You are incredible. First of all you are amazing at communicating your thoughts! I love reading your blog everyday and not just look at the beautiful pictures…. Secondly, I so agree with you on not comparing myself to others. I struggle with this so much myself and I consider you someone I look up to, so to hear you say that brings me so much comfort! Seriously chick, you are one rockin’ mama and you inspire me everyday! Thank you for your honest thoughts and this sweet giveaway!

  14. tiffany

    The photos look beautiful! And, you’re right about motherhood – so challenging, but so, so fulfilling. There’s nothing like it!

    Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  15. Tausha

    Today, February 11, is my 36 birthday I decided to read some of my favorite blogs so glad I did, I needed to read your story! & I also needed to hear/read this quote: “Find you. Be you. Be happy with that.” I am going to live this year with that in mind! Thank You!

  16. Elee

    Oh Lizzy! From my perspective, you’re an awesome Mommy! Your daughters are always gorgeous (although you probably spent minutes putting them into their cute clothes) & you have a such a beautiful personality. I look up to you as role model for being a creative scrapbooker, awesome Mommy, loving wife & readable blogger. If I could win, I would be jumping all over with excitement!

  17. Cristina

    I could not agree more, being a mom is the one of the hardest things to do but also the most rewarding. Children are so wonderful and I could not imagine life without them. You and Colin fit into the 3% who marry their first date. Such an amazing darling life you have with each other and your 3 babies. I love your blog. Its my go to in the morning. So beautiful and inspiring!!!!

  18. Angela C.

    Ok so you are GORGEOUS and Heather takes BEAUTIFUL pictures but I am not going to compare myself to either of you because there are good things about me too!! I love that you mentioned that in your article…it’s a HUGE problem for us women and “Mormon moms” I am not perfect at it, but I try my hardest to not compare myself to others and just be ME!!

  19. Rachel Cobb

    Our home was lost in the Oklahoma Wildfires in August and I’m dreading buying spring clothes, from scratch. So, any little bit would help! Hope I win! Those pics of your girls are Precious! and yes, being a Mom is the best and hardest job on the planet, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

  20. Melissa

    Such a great interview and the photos are too precious! Being a mom is so hard and we have to remind ourselves that we are doing something really great! Loved your thoughts on not comparing yourself to others. Such a trap.

  21. Elizabeth A. in CA

    Very sweet pictures of you and your girls! Glad I took the time to read your interview, it made my heart swell and my arms ache for my own girls. I can’t wait to pick them up today and hug them tight!

  22. Whitney S

    I love the pics…your girls are so cute! I really like what you said about being you and not fitting into another mold…a good thong to remember!

  23. Jen Fox

    Yes, please… I need all the help I can get when it comes to stylin my cute girls (plural!!!… Still excited about that!)
    I hope all is going good with Ashley’s newest little

  24. Michelle Torres

    Great article… beautiful pics of you and your girls! Thanks for the chance to win… I like Moms Network on FB.

  25. Karen Dorris

    just found your blog and have already emailed a couple of posts to my daughter in law (mother of my beautiful new grandaughter)…..some great ideas!

  26. Lachalle

    Wow that’s a amazing giveaway how generous . Those pictures are so darn cute of you and your girlies and your boy belly. LOL.

  27. Kim Woods

    I pinned the awesome birthstory!
    That pic of all the kids laughing must be because of silly Collin behind the camera! Oh that Lola! Soooooo cute and way too big!

  28. alicia king

    ME! you’ve met your match! i CAN eat a whole bag of peanut m&m’s in record time. my husband says i’m sick! so what! i always love your photos! someday collin can take ours!

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