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A couple years ago I did a Valentine’s Day countdown and I am missing it this year! The girls loved it too.
I guess there’s always St Patty’s day… people get excited about Leprechauns as much as they do with hearts and chocolates, right? I mean those little guys dressed in green are pretty dang adorable.
The above advent is from Eat Sleep Cuddle. Pinned it here 

Pinned these flowers too… it’s a guys’ guide to flowers so they can place orders for our favorite. I remember I used to say, “Don’t get me flowers…” and I actually meant it. I think that was before babies and endless dishes and kids waking me up all night. Now I am like, “I better get the biggest freaking bouquet and box of chocolates it’s too heavy to carry and you need a forklift to bring them to my door.” Nothing says I love you quite like ranunculus… Yes, it’s kind of a girls’ holiday. Guys get Super Bowl Sunday…! ; )

Goodies from my advent calendar


8 thoughts on “Lovey Stuff

  1. polly dove

    So dang cute! All of it, and hilarious about the flowers and fork-lifted-to-you chocolates! But AMEN sista!!! That’s what we’re talkin’ about!!! (I love ranunculas too. They are my very favorite!)

  2. Carrie

    Hahaha! That flowers and chocolate fork lift part still has me cracking up! It’s so totally true though. I was the exact same way…until continuous sleep deprivation and sticky floors kicked in. 😉

  3. Julie Keller

    I love perusing through Pinterest, seeing what other people love, what they are all about at the moment, and of course getting a million ideas that I’ll never have the time to even attempt. That Valentine’s day countdown is too cute!

  4. Robyn

    Ah, that reminds me, I also used to say I don’t want flowers. Please don’t get me chocolate. Unfortunately, it took me years to realize that when I said I didn’t want flowers or chocolates, what I really meant was “I don’t want the standard gifts. I want you to listen to me, surprise me, and buy me something that is more meaningful to me specifically” but all he heard was “don’t bother getting me anything”. Yep, I would be surprised all right, no gift at all. I did it to myself. Now I know I have to be very specific.


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