Dear Lizzy Favorites: Fitness

If you remember this post, it was my first time attending a Ballet Barre technique class and I wanted to die and run out half way through because it kicked my bootie! Well, since then I have become obsessed. Instead of going to a local studio to exercise I do it in my pjs–nice & comfy at home. At times I get questions asking what I do to exercise or stay fit… especially for a busy momma. I haven’t been doing it very long but if you are looking for a new exercise you should try Physique 57.
No one is telling me to write this… it’s just if you find something great  you want to share it with your friends!  Like the perfect lipstick shade or springtime heels.

Why I love it:

It targets exactly where I need to tone up and strengthen.
It focuses on posture during the workout which is great since I am the queen of slouching.
It works your “seat” like no other!
It tones your entire body and builds muscle as well as lengthening. Reminds me of when I used to take a mix of Pilates and Yoga class at my local gym.
It is great when you are pregnant. (I just don’t do the ab section.)
The only thing is since they are DVDs you have to be self motivated, but because I can see a change in my body it gets me excited to do it again and again. Seriously.
Also, you don’t need a ballet barre… just a chair and some weights.

I should change out of my polka dot PJs and try exercising in a tutu instead. And I probably shouldn’t eat Valentine chocolate while I am posting about exercising.
What are your workout favorites…? Do share.

28 thoughts on “Dear Lizzy Favorites: Fitness

  1. Julie Keller

    I positively love Leslie Sansone’s Walk At Home workout videos. Another one you can do in your polka dot pjs, but be warned – you’ll need to take a shower afterwards. For basically just walking in place, it’s an awesome workout! I’ve really seen improvements in my body when I do it regularly.

      1. Georgia

        The walk at home dvds are awesome!!! I d them to. Great for rainy days when u can’t walk outside(if your an avid walker). I love them. Plus she is positive and uplifting.

  2. Marina D-K

    Wow! You go! I’m also prego and due in April and CANNOT imagine doing any hardcore workouts right now…You Rock!

    1. Elizabeth Kartchner Post author

      haha… no way… I am not hardcore at all! It’s really low impact and you can keep it at any level. 🙂

      PS congrats on your baby!

  3. Kristin

    Oh this looks fun! I am pregnant due in June and have really been struggling with at home workouts. I get board and don’t feel like what I do is enough sometimes. Plus I have a toddler that I just can’t take for a walk or jog when it’s lower than 30 degrees. Thanks for the tip, I am going to have to try this. 🙂

  4. KimR

    I love spinning classes–though obviously, not when pregnant. I also really like Jillian Michael’s Shred video, again not a great one for when you are expecting. I am going to have to try this video–I loved the way my legs, especially my calves looked when I was taking ballet. The spin classes do tend to make them bigger, I would like to lengthen them out….

  5. Evelin

    lol…. you are so cute!
    I am always looking for exercises that tones and lengthens and of course, if they strengthen the core, that’s even better.

    Was doing yoga at home since before I got pregnant and then into the beginning of the 2nd trimester in which I got lazy… did walking and stair-climbing (in our apt stairwell) and now, I restarted yoga again. I love feeling the stretch and my muscles working… and yup, like you said, I just need to motivate myself daily cos that’s the hardest part… 🙂

  6. Sarah

    I have been doing Zumba for a few years now. I love it! I have the DVDs because I also like to workout in my own home. I love to dance so it’s a fun dance type workout and it works all the places women want to work, it really works you core and rear! When I was pregnant I done a Cindy Crawford workout that included lots of squats. I was only in labor a little over an hour, with no pain meds or anything. I totally credit working out and walking, and the fact that The Lord knows I am a big baby and He had mercy on me!

  7. Kim Woods

    I will check it out, I’ve always admired the dancers’ physique at my daughter’s studio. Strong but long and lean. I have the P90X collection that is a real booty kicker and body changer. BUT can be super annoying too. The bodies on there are definitely motivating.

  8. Sharon

    You always make me smile. I love your outlook and take on the things life puts before us.. Thank you for being who you are. PJ’s and all.

    I love to go to Gentle Yoga. I was in an accident and my body took a lickin’ not to mention my head. So this class goes at a slower pace – perfect for me!

  9. Cathy L.

    I’ve never heard of this workout, but will give it a try. I used to do “Leslie Sansone’s” walk at home DVDs and loved them.

  10. Stacy Hamby

    I started doing TurboFire last May and seriously LOVED it. I have never stuck to any exercise since high school (when I was forced to) and this was a miracle for me. Chalene Johnson is very positive and inspiring and who doesn’t love to shake it to some old school hip-hop? I finished the schedule and now I’m doing a hybrid of TurboFire/ChaLEAN Extreme, which incorporates weightlifting into the program.

  11. Christina

    I think I would like to try Physique some time. I do similar workouts like it from The Barr Method, Tracy Effinger “Squeeze”, and there’s another one I can’t remember.

  12. Shayna

    Physique 57 is my all time favorite workout too! It’s addicting in it’s own strange way. Maybe because it never really gets easier because you just push yourself harder. It just makes you feel good about yourself afterward.

  13. Carrie

    Great tip Liz! Thanks so much for sharing!! Do you usually do your workouts early in the morning, during naptime, or when?! Thanks so much!!! I appreciate it! 🙂

  14. Latrice

    I love Ballet barre too, but can’t find a good one near me. I love me some Yoga, Pilates and bootcamp at my gym. So fun and I love how each one pushes me differently. I’ve been wanting to try out Bikram yoga. I need something that makes me sweat.

  15. Lisa G.

    I walk 1/2 an hour at least 5 times a week, sometimes more. Usually I have company, either finance or daughter. We set the timer, 15 minutes from home, 15 min back. We also go to yoga once a week. Feeling so much more fit and energized, it sure doesn’t take much! Thanks for sharing the tip, may have to look at that!

  16. Bryn Wellman

    You’re adorable! PJ’s & exercise? I’m down with this combo. I do Wii Fit and Curves. And, being in sunny California, most days out the door for a power walk or hike in our park. Obviously I’m not pregnant & my youngest is 20…and kicks my bottie at all the aforementioned exercise fun!

  17. liz N.

    I use Top level yoga instruction – many different levels – pregnancy workouts too. It’s $19. a month, but considering that what it costs for 1 class out here anyway, I think it’s worth it. They just launched a beta sister site called which is morel like your gym/strength training classes – same idea.

    What I really like about Yogaglo is that I can take a 15 minute class or a 90 minute class and anything in between – and theres no limit. Plus I can take a different class almost everyday that’s at my level and have no repeat classes. 🙂

  18. Janelle

    I had been wanting to find a good barr exercise video & will check out your recommendation. When I was ready to get back and exercise after baby, I found Jackie Warners standing ab dvd… THE BEST EVER!!! It’s only 15-20 mins and is a great workout. I’m not a fan of crunches and these exercises work. Plus, since you’re standing, you actually end up working other parts of your body along with your core.

  19. darlene

    I utilize the wii with my 6 year old. We do wii Fit which is pretty cool. It has yoga, running, bike riding and even hula hoop which seems it wouldn’t be effective but we play so much that my body aches for days. We also play the Let’s Dance wii games…killer! And challenging.

    My favorite exercise is my bike where I attached a tantum cycle on the back. We have one on one time and get to go all over the place without me worry where they are.

  20. Kenneth J Flury

    I’ve been working with P90 while the wife has been using Physique 57, and lately I find myself using her routines more than those in P90! Great routine, and we keep each other motivated – although the sunny weather in Cali helps!

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