When it doesn’t stop snowing

It hasn’t stopped snowing all day. The good thing is that there’s a fresh coat of white… the older snow had a nice layer of black by the roads. The other good thing is that we had an excuse to just stay-in. We did go outside long enough to taste some of that freshly fallen, fluffly white stuff.

Someone got a 100% on their spelling test! She was so excited!! Literally was screaming when she got home. The even tougher words are on the back… like which. Yes, I am bragging… don’t squash my proud mommy moment. ; ) She got to choose anything at the store and, of course, it was a coloring book. A coloring book the size of a phone book. That should keep her busy for… a couple hours.

I was setting up a self-timer shot and Q decides to jump in front of the camera. Now I know my secret to ever getting a pic of her again!

Our baby boy is growing… !!

For the record I have absolutely no idea what to name him. Poor little guy, he’s not even born yet and is a victim of my indecisiveness. But honestly, I don’t have one name that I like. This is freaking me out. So if you have any suggestions please share!

Our little peanutΒ is healthy and everything is going well, which is a lot to be grateful for. Beyond grateful. It’s astounding that even though it’s my fourth time doing this, I am blown away at what my body can do. With every kick and wiggle inside my tummy I am reminded that there’s a little angel in there. I am blessed.



157 thoughts on “When it doesn’t stop snowing

  1. Ashley

    Way to go, Avery! I’m a teacher (kindergarten), so I totally get the excitement over the 100%! Woo-hoo!
    Love the names Christian, Ryan + Benjamin πŸ™‚ Good luck with the name search!

  2. laurie lariviere

    lol @ Collin…Q is so cute, she really looks so much like my Zachary, same dimples and big blue eyes and smile! Boy name are sooo hard, my daughter I had no problem, so many names I liked, but my last son, every name I liked my hubby didn’t. Here are the names that I would have liked for Z : Christian, Jasper, John, Dylan, Bryan, and Carlisle. Hubs didn’t like any of them, but he did like Zachary and so did I, so that was it…good luck!!

  3. Kellie

    Gorgeous photos, I always love stopping by to see what you have been up to. So funny to see snow as it’s Summer here in Australia. That and we don’t get snow here in winter, unless you travel to the mountains.

    On the baby front you look amazing! I think we do it a little different ‘down under’ as we generally don’t announce the name till birth and with reading more and more blogs and more falling pregnant I asked my friend, why are they telling everyone the sex and the name, I was baffled.

    Names are never easy, I mean they have to live with this all their life right? While my name is common I often wish my mum did it with a Y and not IE haha! It’s the small things.

    I really love the names Tate, Oliver and Wyatt.


  4. Tausha

    You look amazing! & I love following your blog! I LOVE your T-Shirt, do you mind me asking where you got it? Thanks! Congratulations on the baby boy! I love the name Gus! πŸ˜‰

  5. Gina

    You look fantastic. I like Luke. Maybe that’s too many “L”s in your family though… Also James. I like the traditional…

  6. Lisa Frank

    You’re such a cute preggo mommy! πŸ™‚ My sister is pregnant with a boy right now and her name list includes Elliott, Owen, Micah and Hunter. My little guy’s name is James Alexander, so of course I’m partial to that, but my other favorite names include Jack and Oliver–because I love the nickname Ollie!

  7. Angelina - JoJo and Eloise

    I am still a fairly new follower so I am not sure if there are names you have mentioned in the past, that you just can’t stand. So I hope I don’t pick any of those πŸ™‚
    Our 5th was (is) a boy and God just totally put on my heart, his name was to be Benjamin Levi. I didn’t really have to go through the whole picking the name thing with him ( thankfully ). We call him JoJo because of the Dean Martin song, “Mambo Italiano” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S-7Ap6J_FU I know Crazy, huh !! Okay, so on to the name thing : ) Henry (is cute), Harold ( is studios ) and Frank or Franky ( is just fun ) hey he could be friends with our JoJo and it would be like Dean and Sinatra LOL!! You and Pregnancy go together Sweetly!
    I have been doing a bunch of Mock Felt ties and what not for boys I would LOVE for you to stop by. http://jojoandeloise.com/2013/01/diy-mock-neck-tie/


  8. Shannon Taylor

    I’m pretty partial to my boy’s name (all the way in TN so yours would never run into mine). His name is Oliver & I think Oliver Kartchner flows beautifully! ;0)

  9. Sharon L.

    You are adorable! Picking that first boy’s name (especially after three girls) is tough! We never did decide until he was born. Then the right name just fit. πŸ™‚

  10. Tere

    Oh, that Q….those eyes. Beautiful! Had my #4 been a boy, I wanted his name to be Niko. I LOVE that name….but, sadly no more for me. Can’t wait to “meet” him!

  11. Rhonda Snook

    Are those mis-matched boots on Q? Cute!

    Love your blog
    Love your T-shirt
    Love your scrapbook stuff — even though I don’t scrapbook (yet).
    Love boys (I have two). We didn’t know the sex of the baby either time, but decided really quickly on what we would called the baby if a boy but didn’t have a girl’s name decided either time!
    Love the name Wyatt (already mentioned).

  12. jennifer

    couldn’t resist adding my “unused” boy names to the pool – Owen or Will…..doesn’t Will Kartchner sound so nice?!? best of luck to you!

  13. Colleen

    Looking lovely! How about Hudson or Cohen for boys names, Not too overused, but spellable/sayable, and go nice with Kartchner πŸ™‚

  14. Rachael

    I am praying for all girls and have a consistently growing list of very girlie names…but there is just one boy name that I have always loved- Miles. I would be so very happy if it got to be used, especially for that sweet angel that is about to be blessed with an amazing mom and family πŸ™‚ so very happy for you and your hubby!

  15. Lucia

    Those photos are soo cute and little Q..awww…My suggestion for the boy name is Joell, I dont know but it sounds quite nice, or you can name him after your father, in our family it is a tration to name boys after their grandpas..

  16. Nikki

    Aw! Looks like y’all had fun with your snow. I’m a little jealous, we have 70 degree weather and tornado threats round these parts. πŸ˜› As far as the name, I’m partial to Henry. πŸ™‚ (That’s the name that I’m kinda stuck on if I ever have another..)

  17. Mindy Baxter

    Lizzy, you are so all baby! I can’t believe you are almost 28 weeks. At 27 weeks I was HUGE!

    Isn’t it a great feeling to see your liitle one grow and learn. My 6 year old read me a book this morning. It sure is amazing how much they learn in the first few years.

    As for baby names how about Brody, Hunter, Gadge. Just off the top of my name list, although 3 kiddos is plenty for me!

  18. Wanda Miller

    Your family is so adorable:) you will have time and the name will hit you when it is time. I love your shirt. I work at a school and would love to get one. Where did you find it. thanks so much wanda

  19. Erin Joseph

    Boy names are so tough! I don’t have any boys yet, but my top two choices are Eben (like Ebenezer without the ezer) and Matix. Different, yes, but not crazy out there. And please do share where your darling shirt is from, in love with it!

  20. Angie

    Lots of “gorgeous-ness” in your family. Can’t wait to see what the handsome Prince will look like! And, how do you manage to still look so great preggo?

  21. Heather Dzioba

    We had a hard time picking boy names (so of course we had two boys:). They are Caleb Josiah and Micah Joel. You are welcome to use them since you live nowhere near me (in Wisconsin) πŸ™‚ Have fun scouring those name books – I loved that part of pregnancy!

  22. Fleur Smith

    I am partial to my boys names Rhys Evan and Linden but I also loved the name Reid when I was looking for names πŸ™‚

  23. Jess

    Proud Mummy moments are worth sharing with the world. Love that you went and celebrated together.
    Q is adorable – awesome photo even if it is a rare one.
    You are looking amazing with your pregnancy. I have three and always worried if I went for four my body wouldn’t cope….. Maybe not true after all you sound like you are doing great.

    Boys names – as someone said above I just knew what I was to call my last son {Zeke Joel} but our first was a sure sifting through name books and websites, checking meanings, making lists, debating over which we both agreed and the spellings all to get Zac Oskar right after he was delivered! Names are a very important thing and I think you will know when you have the right one. You still have plenty of time.

  24. emma kate

    i totally feel the boy name thing.
    i have three girls (Indie May, Honor Violet and Daisy Willow) …and if we had a boy the poor thing would never have a name because there has never been an agreement on a boys name. ever.
    some names that were thrown about (i’m from New Zealand…and it’s quite funny how different names are popular in different countries) were Monte, Tobias, Seth, Nate and Darcy.
    so waiting with baited breath to see what you name your wee guy! good luck πŸ™‚

  25. Judith I

    Love the pictures,
    I myself have two boys so had to come up with tons of names till we decided on Gabriel and Kaleb. So here are a few I loved:
    Oliver, Tate, Xander, Benjamin, Nicolas, Mika, Kia, Matthew…I could go on forever, but these were at the top of my list.
    Good luck!!!

  26. Chrissy

    I’m pregnant with boy #4, Jude.

    His big brothers are Simon Avery, Felix Conrad, &Titus Grey.

    Biblical, not too common & each personality fits perfectly.


  27. Jen B

    Chase, Jasper or Xavier. I love those names; rightfully so…Those are my boys names. Or Christian; that’s my step son. You already share a name with my step daughter, Elizabeth.

  28. Lisa W.

    Ahhh Avery nice job darling:) And Q you are SO SO SO adorable I can hardly stand it!!! And Lizzy that belly is so scrumpscious (spelled wrong I’m sure but ya know what I’m trying to say)…:)))) Miss the pregnant belly thing ALLOT!!! Names. Ahhhhhhhhh love to think of names. So all is fair game beings you don’t have a “S” or “L” thing going for all your kids names. I love LOVE Jack. I mean really how can ya not just love the name Jack, its simply all American and just hardy handsome. I work at a highschool AND of course there is this young man named Jack and just love him PLUS you just don’t hear it much anymore, OK I know enough on Jack. Also might I suggest Logan, Cole, they would sound pretty darn good Logan Karchner, Cole Karchner sounds like a movie star OR certainly someone really important don’t ya think. AND lastly gotta go with Nicholas OR Joshua, I got one of each and LOVE em to this day:) Hope that helps……………..that belly is SO cuteness!!!

  29. Lacey

    My oldest son’s name is Keaton. Two runners up were Kason or Abram(from the Old Testament). My youngest son’s name is Jayden – which was new 9 years ago. Now everyone has it(boys & girls πŸ™ ).

  30. Shay

    Can I just say how much I ADORE you?! You are the cutest ever, and I love this post, and everything you share about your life with Collin & those adorable babies of yours ;] Glad everything is going so well, and I’m sure you’ll decide on a name…. eventually. xoxo

  31. Deanna M.

    My 20 month old twin boys are named Oliver and Greyson, Ollie and Grey for short. I love their names. You could have a couple of favorites picked out and when you see your little guy for the first time, decide at that moment which name captures who he is.

  32. sandra m.

    My son’s name is Jamin (long A, short i) – It is from the old testament when the tribes were named. I get lots of complements on it and can be shortened to James or Jamie for nickname. You are so cute, thanks for sharing your pics.

  33. Shelley P

    Adore the names Alexander and Ethan. Pick a strong name that will carry with your child especially when he grows up and has to make a name for himself in the working world. Why not let Colin or the girls pick out his name and then you’ll have a story to scrapbook about?

  34. Heather

    I wish I were so cute and small that far along! I have two boys- I was so sure our second was going to be a girl that I had a slew of girl names, but no boy names in mind- luckily we came up with one we liked- and I think it goes well with his older brother’s name- oh, their names our Rowan and Sawyer- I’m a fan!

  35. carrie

    We have three littles (5, 4, &2) we didn’t find out what we were having with the first two. We had two girls. Number three i had to know…we find out we are having a boy! You would of thought we had some names banked with not knowing what the first two were but it was like starting from scratch! My husbands list: ian, leo and henry. My list: grady, bennett and henry. Did we go with henry? Nope. The day before he was born we named him frank. Haha. Good luck;)

  36. kelly koesters

    I love the name Ian and it sounds cute with your girls’ names πŸ˜‰ My son is Jacob which I also love. Ian was the name I picked for my 2nd child but alas-a girl! Good luck choosing, little boys are a special blessing.


    Pickerington, Ohio

  37. Christie

    My boys are Spencer And Connor. I like names that you can’t abbreviate, although sometimes people try to with Spencer, but I correct them. πŸ™‚
    I also liked the names Hayden and Noah.

  38. antiquechase

    well, I am partial to Jack…

    but given that you already have a Q and an A ….

    you must have an F

    so you can have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    You can thank me later πŸ™‚

  39. Molly

    I have three boys and went the classic route.
    Tyler Golden (Ty)
    Benjamin Jack (Benny)
    Nicholas Gray (Nic)

    If I had another boy I like the name Charlie Knox πŸ˜‰

    Good luck!

  40. Wanda PeΓ±a

    hi lizzy!! my choices for the names for the prince of the house are:
    Noah, Alonso and Marco

    they are very spanish names!! hope you like it!

    hugs! xoxo

  41. Alena

    You are adorable!! Our two boys are Miller and Griffin… So those are my favs!! Congratulations! Boys are so much fun.

  42. Misty M

    awww…lovin’ the tummy shot!!! wee!!!

    we have a liam so that name is pretty sweet in my opinion. we also considered cooper, maddox, lawson and benjamin.

    cant wait to meet the little fella.


  43. Laura

    my 3 boys are Benjamin, Dallin Matthew and Reese Garrett. I LOVED waiting until they were born to finally decide the name. They were named within a week of birth. You’ll find something you like πŸ™‚

  44. HeatherOz

    I heard my kids talking about someone from school today and I thought “I wish I had thought of that name!”

  45. Suzanne

    Yay ! I’m excited you are having a boy ! That means maybe boy inspired products in your new product lines of the future yippee! That also means I’m kinda selfish I guess. No really , love love love your darling ideas and blog posts. Also love the names we had on our boy list : Clayton, Grayson, Gavin, and Keilan.

  46. Heather

    Love the idea of asking for name ideas, you should get a bunch , I have three boys! My fourth was a girl, thank goodness! I have an Ethan Henry, Kyle, Nicholas, but I also love Oliver, and Jackson, Dominic and Mateo, good luck!

  47. Tine

    Very cute pics πŸ™‚ Love the smiles of your three girls πŸ™‚ There are a lot of nice websites on the internet with some cool names -love to search for them even though im not pregnant at all πŸ˜‰ Greetz, Tine

  48. kara s.

    i loved:

    we have 4 girls though….such classic names too…
    i love the above comment of after a G-pa. 2 of our girls are named after great grandmothers.

  49. Cardarian

    Photos are really amazing and I think you are more then blessed with all these little angels! Enjoy! If I could I would also pick the phone book coloring book! Kids know what they want!!!

  50. Anna Vaschina

    You are very blessed indeed. Enjoy this special time. No suggestions…I found that hard too and stuck to Biblical names. I’m sure you’ll found something mutually wonderful, just right for him. πŸ™‚

  51. malea

    Your girls all have fabulous names, so i’m sure whatever you decide on for your son will be just as awesome! My boy is called Chas and right now i’m loving the name Mack πŸ™‚

  52. Ade@fortheloveofpainting

    We also have three girls, but last tine if we had a boy we were going to name him Sullivan ( Sully) for short…just an idea!

  53. Amanda McGregor

    Probably not going to help you much but here is my boy name story, I have 3 boys. First was called James, tradition from hubby’s family, first born son is named James. Then second boy was named Thomas as it was THE ONLY name we could both agree on. A few days after he was born my uncle “kindly” pointed out that we had two trains … James the Red Engine and Thomas the Tank Engine. Fast forward 6 years to baby number 3 and we had a boy / girl list on the fridge … ALL train names. Narrowed it down to Emily for a girl and Henry for a boy. As much as we wanted a girl, I totally fell in love with The name Henry (despite having picked Emily as my future daughter’s name when i was 13!) … So was very happy when boy number 3 made an appearance. Henry would be my suggestion for you!

    1. amber fischer

      Just went up and re-read some of the comments and smiled when I saw yours . . . Thomas and Henry! Same as my suggestion. ( :

      (And I never realized that those are train names, haha!)

  54. Elodie

    choose french names !!
    my boys = Tom and Jules
    I love also Jean, Victor, Simon, Louis, Arthur, LΓ©o, Paul, RaphaΓ«l, Gabriel, Lukas, MatΓ©o, Antoine, Benjamin, Nicolas, Alexis, Alexandre, …

  55. Nicole Fearon

    My boys are Reid and Marshall, which I love. I also love Everett (which is my sons middle name), Harrison and Hudson. Good luck. When you see your sons face you will know what to call him πŸ™‚

  56. Anna Jordan

    Just thought I’d throw some names in the group…
    I’ve always loved Fletcher and Larson for a boy, although I have all girls. πŸ˜‰

    Congratulations on having another sweet baby, they are such a blessing from God.

    -Anna in TN

  57. Georgia

    You’re adorable. I have three girls, one being Avery:) My nephew’s name is Tucker. I love Luca, Tate, Asher, Reed… You”ll know. Just pray. Best Wishes!

  58. amber fischer

    Okay, first of all, you are just so completely adorable. Look at that sweet baby bump! And I wanted to name our (now 4 month old) baby boy Thomas (after my grandpa), but we settled on the name Judah Thomas. I have a friend whose little boy is named Henry and I think that’s crazy cute.

  59. Carol

    Lizzy………I read your blog all de time …….I have all boys….hence my envy with all the pink and glitter, ruffles and tinsel…….. We just named our latest one Simon Jude.
    He is so precious!!!
    another name suggestion, Reuben. Good luck! we went through tons of names!!!

  60. Pam

    You chose great names for your girls. I’m going to beg you – please, please no Twilight names! And no names that the teacher won’t be able to pronounce correctly (remember the poor kids who were laughed at because the teacher mis-pronounced their names every year?).

  61. Karen Beldon

    I have 2 girls and just 1 little guy…his name is Porter and that is my absolute most favorite boy name ever! But if I had had more boys I also liked: Pryce, Corbin, Graham, Tucker. Good luck…names can be so hard to figure out!

  62. Kim H.

    I have two boys are their names are:


    I love both of their names, but particularly Jacek, because no one has that name. Good luck. I think boy names are tough!

  63. Jill T

    My son is BROCK. Love the name but don’t hear it much. I know in the scrapbooking world Shelby Dredge (of Embellish It) has a son named Brock. Our boy is sort of named after the St. Louis baseball player/hall of famer Lou Brock – one of my hubby’s all-time favs. Middle name Aaron (Hank Aaron). And his initials are BAT. Is it any wonder the boy is totally into sports?

    One of his friends is HENLEY. It’s a girl but would also work well for a boy. Her mom is a big fan of the Eagles and I am too. The rock group, not the sports team. Google it if you are too young to know what the heck I’m talking about. Don Henley is the drummer/lead singer.

    For your family, I really like COLE. Goes well with Collin.

    Good luck picking the name. Hope you continue to have a healthy pregnancy.

  64. Wendy Orme

    Yay for 100% and for Quincy jumping into the picture…it turned out so cute! My son and his wife are having boy #3 in April and can’t think of a name either. They don’t like any of my suggestions so I won’t trouble you with them πŸ™‚ Good luck…you look darling!

  65. {vicki}


    also like Zeth—I think that would be perfect because it’s part of your name.

    I only have one son and naming him was the hardest thing–especially since me and hubby didn’t agree!

  66. Stephanie

    You look adorable. Can you let me know where you got your t-shirt? Also your cute light pink with darker pink heart sweater – love these!

  67. joolee

    well you look absolutely adorable at 27 wks! i read your blog frequently but i don’t think i’ve ever commented – you have such a darling family.

    i’m pregnant with #4 as well, about 12 wks and hoping it’s a boy (i have two girls and one boy and my son has been BEGGING + PRAYING for a brother for the past 3 yrs….). keeping my fingers crossed for him πŸ™‚ we love family names, a few of which are Leo, Urban, Wiser, and Bowen, for boys. (doesn’t “baby Bo” or “baby Leo” just sound darling??) anyway, we’ll see if it’s a girl or boy… congrats again on #4!

  68. Esther

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Love the post and snowing days… Where I live it doesn’t snow much, I’m always wishing a soft snowing day…
    Can I suggest Isaac? I love historic or from The Bible names, they are meaningful.
    Wish the best!

  69. Kinze

    tyce … just love this name … with three girls and a boy i think we are calling it quits … but if i DID have another boy that’s what i would name him πŸ˜‰

  70. Michelle Torres

    Love your shirt and cute pics!! I just had a baby boy :)… he is 7 weeks old. We named him Dylan Patrick… We had such a hard time with boys names…. We didn’t decide until after he was born and it was still a debate :). I also liked Devin, Jackson/Jaxson, Braden, Benjamin, Jake, Kyle, Hudson and Henry.

  71. Carrie

    Hi Friend!!!
    First off, so proud of Avery!!! And Q is just a darling…You look AMAZING!!! I am so jealous of moms who show no signs of swelling throughout the pregnancy and you are definately one of them. πŸ˜‰ You go hot mama!!!

    During both of my pregnancies, we didn’t know what we were having. After both boys were born, it was hours before they were named :). We had a list of options and needed to narrow down. I had always LOVED the name Nolan and said I would name a little boy that one day but since I married a Nolen, that went out the window. πŸ™‚ We have a Parker and Cooper and the names fit perfectly! Good luck and don’t worry. You’ll find the perfect option…even if it is two hours after he enters the world. πŸ™‚

  72. Betty-Ann

    Hey…no shortage of suggestions here!
    I’m partial to our one and only miracle’s name…Sam (Samuel Markus)
    There’s an Elliot, Jonah, and a Memphys in my Sunday School class…more cute names to add to the growing list! You may just have to wait to meet that wrinkly little bundle before you really know what that perfect name is.

  73. Shelly

    Both times I was pregnant I insisted I was having girls. So only girl names were thought of. Low and behold, out popped boys, each time! So here are my awesome boy names Parker Jacob and Hunter Cole. Both were named the minute we looked at them…<3

  74. Ann L Jones

    looking beautiful – my personal fav is Emmett, (thats my boy)
    but Spencer, Zeek, Dane, Jackson are all goodies too πŸ™‚

  75. Amy McCollum

    Congratulations beautiful lady!! I must say that I’m selfishly excited that you’re having a boy so I can get some boy scrapbook layout inspiration from you. πŸ™‚ We just had our boy Jameson 7 months ago and I have yet to start on his book – Oy! I’ve been in princess mode for the last 4-1/2 years. From Tiaras to Trains – It’s quite a transition – You’ll do great! Life is lovely, Amy

  76. Corey Brock

    I am catching up on your blog after a long time (thanks to our baby #4 I haven’t had much time on the internet) but I just saw that you are having a boy! I’m so excited for your family! That little boy is going to so spoiled with all those sisters loving on him! Our 2 boys are Jesse and Johnny so obviously those are my favorites but some others that I like are Ryder, Banks, Shipley, Robinson, and Casey! Tucker was also on our list for one of our boys!

  77. mindy t

    If my last child would have been a boy he was to be named Samuel Gray. I also really like the name Otis.

    Ps. you are beautiful!

  78. Bryn Wellman

    You ARE amazing! You’ve been so blessed with your healthy, smart & oh so gorgeous tribe. I’m new to your blog/website & have added you to my Bookmarks Bar. I love listening to tracks from your play list while I zip around your site.

    Names are so personal. For a boy, if I’d had one, Ari Michael, Nathan Scott, Noah Ezra, or Cruz.

    What does your Sidekick say?

  79. janie

    Hi, I don’t think I have ever commented on your blog…. but I love it!! How exciting to be having another baby. My baby (just turned 17 a couple of days ago) and his name is Blake. I haven’t heard the name often, I think it is a nice strong solid name. I also thought of Miles and Anthony Aaron.
    Don’t fret about not having a name picked out, I am sure that once you see him you’ll totally know… I thought my daughter was going to be a boy (we had Anthony Aaron picked out) and when she came…. hubby named her Sara Marie.

  80. carla

    my boys name is Aydan James. I love the name but with so many aidens out there I decided to give it a twist. Plus we have the option of calling him AJ

  81. Tracy

    There are three names that totally popped into my head when I saw your baby bump..
    1 Max ( I think your belly totally looks like a Max! )
    2 Eli ( Elijah )
    3 Jackson
    Oh have fun deciding…little boys are so apart of a momma’s heart! Don’t get me wrong little girls are too but there is something special about giving birth to a boy. : )

  82. CBurrow

    My little guy’s name is Greyson……….still love it just as much as when we named him 7 years ago. πŸ™‚ Good luck!!

  83. Adrienne

    Your little guy can not have a boring name when his sisters have fun and unusal names. What was your dad’s name? That would be a neat idea πŸ™‚

  84. marie-france PICAVET

    hello! I’m french mummy! and I have tree boys : Paul, Robin and Hippolyte. If you want french boring name… Each time, I dont find girl boring name (I dont now if it was a girl or a boy!)Fortunately it was the boys. We were not too agree on the names of the girls with my husband !
    See you soon! I come on your blog each day or too days… I love your new collection!

  85. Jackie Hughes

    I like the name Jack, Grant or Adam-simple and very masculine. When I was picking names for my boys I tried to think about if they’d like their name when they were teenagers! πŸ™‚

  86. Revlie

    gorgeous pictures of you & your gorgeous girl. i’m from the Netherlands. I’ve a girl (Sanne) and a boy: Ruben. I searched, and it’s a Hebrew name, used in the Netherlands & Scandinavian countries. Also in the USA but i believe the spelling is different than.

    good luck with your search, but you’ll do fine just in time πŸ™‚

  87. Andrea J in VA

    I love your sweater, it looks so comfy and would go great with so much!

    You have a lot of great baby name suggestions! I’m a teacher so names tend to have positive and not so positive connotations to me. However, I love the names Zane, Jackson, Isaiah, Noble (my grandfather’s name), and Henry.

    By the way, I cannot wait to get your new line, I love it!

  88. Andrea

    I have to say I am eagerly waiting to find out what you guys name your lovely little fella – your girls already have the cutest names!! My son’s name is Jett – it was the only name I wanted. For my last pregnancy I didn’t find out so we had two boys names we were tossing up between – Dash and Atticus. We had a girl -Harper (evidently we were going through a ‘to kill a mockingbird’ stage ;D ) good luck from oz x

  89. Michelle

    I think boys names are hard!!! We had the hardest time with choosing his name. It had to be masculine as an adult, but suit him as a baby too. I personally gravitate towards traditional names and his really suits him. πŸ™‚ We had narrowed down to Matthew, Connor, Jacob and Benjamin. (his name is Benjamin). πŸ™‚ I love the pic of Quincy!! Look at those dimples!!!

  90. Kathy

    I have 3 girls and 1 boy as well! Our sons name is Daylan. Good luck deciding, I had a much easier time naming the girls!

  91. Amber B

    I read on your blog about using the timer to capture photos. I loved the idea and started using it because I have tons of pictures of everyone else but none with me in them. For family home evening during our game I set the camera up and used the timer to capture pictures of the whole family. My 3 yr old grandson figured out when it would take a picture and would jump in front of the camera at that time. I just have to say thank you for posting about that idea. I love that I can now have pictures of myself enjoying time with my family!

  92. nessa dee

    We had a really hard time with our 3rd kid’s name [2nd boy] because we loved our first son’s name so much…Finn Maximus. We finally settled on August Huxley. We call him Gus, Augie, the Huxster, and we couldn’t have a Finn without Huck. πŸ™‚

    Good luck!

  93. Trish

    My (not so) little dude is named Reed Evan. For several hours after his birth, he was nameless! We teeter tottered over Lorenzo (Enzo for short) but I prefered a name that couldn’t have a nickname. So we stuck with Reed. Other names my hubby wanted were Zeke, Neil, Keith, Lance, Mason & Collin.

  94. Tanya

    My youngest baby boy is Benjamin. He is our third, so boy names were getting harder and harder. BUT- it’s a fun name because there are so many fun possibilities for nicknames. My other two call him: Ben, Benjer, Banjo, Banjo player, Benj-a-go-go, Baby B and (randomly from my 8 year old, Chicken Nugget). Lol. Enjoy this special time!

  95. Hanne

    Someone from Australia wondered about telling the sex of the baby and the name…Well, in Finland it is totally normal to keep the baby’s name as a secret for about two months after the birth until she or he is baptized. So, good luck deciding! πŸ™‚

  96. Pat

    I love the following: Brady, Connor, Garrett, Declan (Deck-lan) and 99% of the ones above. Glad you are having a boy. Quincy is beautiful! Praying all goes well. Love your new line!

  97. Lynda

    Congratulations never write comments but love sharing my little guys name. I too did not have a boys name picked have 2 daughters Isabella and Madeline then I came up with the perfect name

    Odin Finn

    πŸ™‚ lynda

  98. renice

    When we were about to have our 3rd (just before your Lola was born), our girls name was Lola also. I Loved it and was sad we didn’t get the chance to use it, but we had a boy and I finally got to use a name I loved just as much, MILO. (M-eye-low)

  99. renice

    When we were about to have our 3rd (just before your Lola was born), our girls name was Lola also. I Loved it and was sad we didn’t get the chance to use it, but we had a boy and I finally got to use a name I loved just as much, MILO. (M-eye-low)

  100. Renice

    When we were about to have our 3rd which was shortly before you had your 3rd, we were in love with the name Lola also. We had a boy though and we got to use a name I love just as much, MILO (M-eye-low)

  101. april nowotny

    We couldn’t figure out a name for our little guy either. When he arrived, we still hadn’t settled on one. We went to bed that night without a name for our “baby boy”. The next morning, the hospital staff began checking in and harassing us every little bit to give them a name. Finally before noon (I think) we settled on Jude Christopher. So, don’t worry, you still have time. Good luck!

  102. april nowotny

    We couldn’t figure out a name for our little guy either. When he arrived, we still hadn’t settled on one. We went to bed that night without a name for our “baby boy”. The next morning, the hospital staff began checking in and harassing us every little bit to give them a name. Finally before noon (I think) we settled on Jude Christopher. So, don’t worry, you still have time. Good luck!

  103. Amy C

    I didn’t use this name but a good friend did. It is in the Bible and I had never heard it before, but I absolutely love it. It is the name “Joah”

  104. cindy b.

    Well, I have two sons named Owen and Josh so I’ll throw those out there. I recently heard the name “Mason” and I really like it. I also heard “Oliver” and I really like the names “Max” and “Sam” too. GOod luck… one day you’ll hear the right name and you’ll have nothing to worry about. πŸ™‚

  105. auntie em (emily)

    Congratulations to you and your family and wishing your sweet little son a safe arrival.

    As for the naming, I found naming our son a little different from naming our daughter. I let my hubby name her and it worked out to be a sweet cheerful name that is perfect for her but I had a vision of our how I wanted our son to grow up and I wanted his name to reflect that vision. It was finally chosen. I liked Benjamin Daniel and everyone agreed. But as soon as he was born, people wanted to nick name him. They tried Benjie, Ben and even Benny. But I stood fast and said, ‘No, please call him Benjamin’ They finally all settled in with Benjamin and he grew up…and up…and up. He became a man. He is tall and more important, a good person. He has wee little daughters he loves and cares for. He has a beautiful wife he loves and cherishes. He is able to fix things and care for his home as well as tie little bows in his daughter’s hair and fix supper that everyone loves. He protects his family and lets them learn and grow and explore as children should. He is well thought of and respected by his coworkers and friends alike.
    I don’t know if it was all down to his name but he grew into the vision I thought of when I picked his name.

  106. Amber V

    We have a Luke & I am completely in love with his name! People always tell us they love it too!! Other faves for him were Henry, Jacques, Brody, Dawson, Isaac & Philip. Good luck choosing – boy names are tough! You look amazing!! Congratulations!

  107. Jenny

    I had the same problem – couldnt decide on a boys name. At the time there was a song called “The life of Riley” – which means the good life. So I called him Riley and he is going to be 20 and have as yet never heard of anyone else with that name (we are from South Africa). So he has a very unique name. Good luck with your little one – blessings xx

  108. Laura

    Steele is our sons name. He now has a Wilson, Oakley, Rhett and Jace. We also have a Cole, Jack Michael, Porter, Ethan and Levi. The girls are Kenadi, Shelbi, Lydia, Avery and Evelyn. Whew! All are names that you can tell what they are! Thank goodnes for this Grandma!

  109. Jen Tapler

    Just catching up on your blog and loved reading through all the name suggestions. I didn’t see my son’s name mentioned, so thought I’d throw it into the mix: Dean. When I was pregnant 6 yrs ago, my husband and I had the hardest time coming up with ANY names! We didn’t like anything too unusual, but definitely didn’t want the most popular baby name of the year either (says a Jennifer to an Elizabeth, I’m sure you understand). We finally agreed on Harper for a girl, which is my maiden name (and I’m surprised to now be hearing it quite often for girl names – thought I was being original!) and Dean for a boy (which is my husband’s middle name). Those were the ONLY names we could agree on! But we both loved Dean and it’s perfect. Strong and masculine, simple, and it fits my son perfectly. Good luck deciding!

  110. Penny Smith

    I had a million girl names and no boy names… Took some book searching… I named my first Gavin, and my second Gabriel… Without intending on them both being “G’s”… It just happened that way. If I were to have another boy it would be Micah. Definatley. πŸ™‚ Though I have always liked Luka too… Just didn’t want Luke as a nickname and the Luke Skywalker jokes! Ha!

  111. Penny Smith

    OH-my niece thru marriage is pregnant with a boy… I am not a huge fan of common names, but her variation of a common name is pretty cute. Jaxson, and his nickname is Jax… Pretty cute I think!


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