Let the nesting begin

Not sure if it’s the beginning of the year or my nesting kicking in, but I am wanting to redo and refresh everything. Starting with our bedroom since I dragged our old black bedroom frame down to the garage yesterday… and continue taking this house by storm. Nothing is safe. Especially not the garbage bag full of maternity clothes that should be burned… it definitely had it coming. I figure if I don’t want to wear any of it now I probably never will.

In the perfect world my house would have white floors. I dream of them. But I’d rather have three crazy girls running amuck than my dreamy floors. Yes, it’s one or the other in this house. White floors would be the death of me. It would say that on my tombstone: she died trying to keep the floors clean. Maybe I’m being dramatic but that’s normal. Thankfully they definitely make up for my vain wishes. Like today, “I’m not a pillow mommy… I’m a human.” (When I was snuggling up to her after school.)


Thanks to everyone for checking out my new Paper Party site!!! xoxo

9 thoughts on “Let the nesting begin

  1. Julie Keller

    All your photos of white floors is making me want them too! Recently I’ve been giving our house the once over, mostly just re-decorating, but the de-cluttering is coming. There’s been a few Ikea trips, but it makes me happy, and that’s what matters!

  2. Gillian

    ……on second thoughts you could buy all little winkles dust suits and shoe covers, I mean that’s totally not expecting too much??!!!! My husband used to remove his black socks before going into our “good room”…..3 kids later sock fluff is the least of my worries! Gx

  3. B.

    I just came across your blog, it’s really nice!
    You living room is soo cool; i understand you want to redo it because I redo my place when I really want change, but even if you don’t, it looks perfect.

    Breathe Me

  4. laurie lariviere

    you feel about white floors the same way I feel about white furniture…would love white couches with brightly colored pillows…reality…we have green couches, with an old blanket on them to keep the dog from tearing the fabric or getting them dirty and the couch pillows are always on the floor…sigh…but the kiddos are worth it, someday when I am retired, will come the clean house and white couches 🙂

  5. Jamie

    Must be something in the air because I have the SAME bug too!!!! Love the pictures you posted – like you – white floors would be out of the question for me, but I do love the look!!

  6. mary

    I love nesting. I’m nesting right now too, only I’m not prego:) My dream floors are black wood…go figure. Some day you will get your white floors and I will get my black ones. Ebony and ivory floor friends.. Love you


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