4 Seasons: From where I stand

Taking photos from where I stand is a subject I never tire from photographing… even when Collin might roll his eyes as he has to stop and wait for me to capture this very second of where I am walking. Sometimes I even think, what am I going to do with all these pics of my feet? But now that I look back and can think about where I was & what I was doing… makes me glad that I took a second to photograph it.

The snowy photo is from taking photos of my 6 month baby bump. I remember freezing my tooshie off in the snow but Collin and I were out Christmas shopping and passed this gorgeous forest of white covered trees and thought we’d jump out and take a photo. And by we I mean I bribed him too. heehee
The spring toes are from my mother in law’s wedding… a great day where I witnessed a fresh start at love.
The summer toes are at the beach… I probably have the most pictures of my feet in the sand which makes sense since that’s where I wish I walked more often!
The autumn boots are at Sundance. I took the girls up there for a wedding while Collin was out of town and it was a simple yet memorable night for me while spending time with my girls in such a beautiful setting.

With each picture I was at a different season in my life with different worries and different joys… I can’t help but stop and think where these feet have been and where I hope to go. Where I don’t want to ever walk again and where I want to run right now to live it all over again.


I scrapped these photos for a year in review and wrote some things about our family during each of the four seasons. I made my own pockets out of Thickers packaging and sewed the pockets to the page. I used 4 different Thickers packages. I trimmed off the top of the thickers label with out breaking the seal and pushed my 6×6 photo to the very top of the packaging. Then I cut off the extra plastic leaving about a 1/2″ enough room to sew the pocket down.
The base page started with a piece of cardstock then I added 6×6 patterned pieces of paper. Next, I added some final touches with stickers, brads & my go-to wood accents. Last, I added some simple stamping and journaling behind the pockets. I will probably just attach this right to the outside of a page protector so I will be able to read each season’s journaling easily.


28 thoughts on “4 Seasons: From where I stand

  1. JoJo and Eloise

    This is such a great idea. I always feel like such a GOOF taking photos of myself, that would even include FEET! : ) I Seriously need to get over it. Maybe you should host a, From Where I Stand link party, to help people like me 🙂 Sounds like I have a condition.
    Have a great day!

  2. Debra

    Love this! Just goes to show when you pair photos or group similar ones together they can tell a bigger story. I’ve taken photos of my feet too, not many, but some, now I want to take more!

  3. Jessica Toulmin

    I love the layout, and I love the ideas – taking photos of your feet in different seasons, sewing your photos into packing, attaching a layout to the outside of a page protector. This is why you are where you are, because you have brilliant, innovative ideas! Awesome job 🙂

  4. Anna Vaschina

    Love this so much. I wouldn’t have thought of the whole concept of journalling about each season like that. So thoughtful. The packaging idea is awesome! Hope you are feeling well and enjoying this lovely stage of your pregnancy. Praying for you. xx

  5. Felicity

    Love it!! Such a great idea. You amaze me every time with your creativity, and style. You have no idea how much you inspire me. Thank you x

  6. {vicki}



    doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks soooooooooooooooooo much for the wonderful idea!

    I know I already have photos for summer and spring—not sure about fall and winter though.

  7. annie bellamy

    I too take photos of my feet, so I’m going to dig some out and put them on my blog too!!! Love that it shows the seasons.


    1. Elizabeth Kartchner Post author

      Love it! Thanks for playing along! and share the pics of your feet in all the seasons when you post them…


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