It’s that time…

For the past couple years I have approached my goal setting differently. I used to list something like exercise everyday, let’s just say that by January 8th that goal was a bust. I’ve learned to set more, realistic goals for myself. You know, so I don’t get discouraged and give up by February.
In college I read a book titled Authentic Happiness… I am pretty sure I have mentioned things I like about that book on this blog before. One chapter talks about goals and instead of taking something away– add something to your life. For example: Learn to play guitar, travel somewhere, read more. I LOVE IT! But I also still need to cut things out of my life. So my list is a mix of both. Here are some of the things off the top of my head that I hope to attain this year…

More handwritten letters to family (once a month)///Less browsing aimlessly online
More positive thoughts/// Less comparing myself to others
More creativity just for fun///Dust off my first camera that shoots with film
More time feeding my spiritual self. This is the only one where I am saying to do something everyday, because it’s something I really want to do for myself and it will, in turn ,bless my family.
More patience at home
Learn something new (Haven’t figured out what that something is: )
Launch my scrapbooking blog next week…
Follow through with my goals, not letting fear hold me back.


What are some of your goals? I’d love to hear…
Here’s to Twenty Thirteen…!!!

photos that are inspiring me

2nd & 3rd photo via: fotografi-as.tumblr


23 thoughts on “It’s that time…

  1. Luigina Nichele

    I like the idea of you starting up a scrapbooking blog! My resolution this year is just to cope without going for any professional therapy! ; )

    1. Orla

      Professional therapy saved me last year- if you need it, use it because it can be so great 🙂 Because of it, I am a much happier, healthier person this year.

  2. patty

    i too need to remember “realistic” in my goal setting & not to let “perfectionistic ways” stop me in my journey…
    create more
    more patience with kids
    healthier diet
    move more
    declutter & simplify…
    to name a few!
    (i do like the idea of new beginnings & fresh starts!)
    here’s to twenty*13…

  3. Tracy

    Love it! Here’s a late congrats on the bouncing baby boy!! My dear momma passed away suddenly in late November so I’ve been getting through the holidays with a heavy heart but I am so happy for you! God is so good!

  4. Jenn

    I love that you are practical with your goals! I tend to do the same thing, generalizing my goals, just because it’s easy. I feel ya on the less browsing aimlessly online. And I wish I had an old camera to dust off! I’ll keep using mine this year : )

  5. Wendy Orme

    I want to try to enjoy each day more thoroughly instead of just trying to get through them. BTW: I’ve learned never to pray for patience…all you get are experiences that try your patience!

  6. ArtsyMama

    Love your goals and your outlook. Thanks for the inspiration! What is the red book in the photo? Looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see your scrapbook blog!!

  7. Lisa W.

    Ahhhhhhhhhh…I am with Brooke, launching your scrapbooking blog…YIPPEE, I love to follow those blogs, so “feel Good”, so inspiring! Ok my goals: Its not a biggie thing for me but I do try to “think” of a few for the better.
    1. create more
    2. be more positive
    3. eat alittle healthier

  8. Lora Oliver

    Your list is well worded. I often think it is the wording we choose that determines whether our new desire becomes a habit or a failure. Your last one in particular touches me to the core. I want to push for my goals as well, in spite of the fear and there is a lot of fear– fear of rejection, fear of failure, but I almost think fear of success is the most debilitating. Success at a goal generally means change and going beyond one’s circle of comfort. I am right there working on this with you this year.

    “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important.” -Ambrose Redmond

  9. Lynley J

    I love your resolutions photo and each of your resolutions. Lovely and inspiring as always!

    PS: Congrats on a baby boy in 2013!! We just found out we are having a boy too!

  10. Yolanda

    1. Más paciencia, mucha más paciencia en todas las facetas de mi vida.
    2. Más tiempo en pareja.
    3. No abandonar mis sueños.

    Tres metas que espero poder conseguir.

    Un besazo.

  11. María

    Hello from Spain!! I don’t know how but I just finished at your blog. It’s really adorable, amazing and loverlike, I love it! I write to you because I am a photography lover and yours are SO COOL that I’m curious about the model of your camera.

    Thanks for sharing your smile and congrats on your blog!!

  12. gina cunningham

    Love your resolutions! I am curious about your red book in the picture. My word of the year is joy, and it would be the perfect journal for me!


  13. Bryn Wellman

    Love your list off balances. I think I’ll pick up the book you mentioned. Sounds like a lovely journey.

    Thanks for being awesome!


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