Repeat the Sounding Joy

Highlights of Christmas Eve/// It was a good one!

Santa came…!

“I know him!!! I know him!!!!”


The night before Christmas I was up until the wee hours making breakfast preparations. Including stuffed french toast and a tasty hashbrown, egg, sausage dish. Usually we run off in the morning to our parents’ homes but this year I talked Collin into staying in and it turned out to be one of my favorite Christmas mornings ever! Probably because we were lazy as could be!

And just like that it was over in a blur…!

Collin asked if I’d wait to box up Christmas. Usually the day after I put it all away until next year but I surprisingly am enjoying the lingering magic and calmness of Christmas after the chaos. Our tree is dead though… it’s extra crispy and ready to go. I guess it won’t kill me to wait until tomorrow. ; )

9 thoughts on “Repeat the Sounding Joy

  1. Lisa W.

    Everything…everyone looks beautiful. HAS to be so much fun with those little girly’s. AND just think next year a rockin little guy…:) I too stayed HOME all day, had lots of visitors come. Was just wonderful to be in our home all day on Christmas!!!!! Happy Holidays!!!!!!

  2. Tine

    Lovely pics, Lizzy. So cute 🙂
    On your pics I saw that u opened some presents on Christmas Eve. I always thought u only open them in the morning of 25th in the USA. I would like to learn more about this tradition -as i’m from Germany and we only open presents on 24th, Christmas Eve.


  3. laurie lariviere

    thanks for sharing, the photos are lovely, and I agree that it is soooo nice to stay home! we do it every year since we don’t have family here, we are in jammies all day and it’s great! just think,next year you’ll have boy toy’s under the tree, so fun!!

  4. Kim Woods

    We had a similar Christmas Day. It was just our little family of 5, not cousins, aunts, uncles or grandparents. I was in my jammies until 5pm! Next year will be extra special with that little boy in the mix!


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