12 on 12: December Edition

Here are my 12 on 12 photos from yesterday. I didn’t really try anything new or push myself… basically it was a busy day that just remembering to take them was enough of a challenge. Did you notice it was 12-12-12? How cool was that?! I guess it’s technically not that cool but for someone who sends the majority of her day wiping noses or cleaning dishes it seems pretty cool.
**If you played along leave a comment and link to your photos.

Our hideout yesterday… she loves building forts and usually I am running yarn under blankets and trying to hang them up while propping brooms or using my leg as a post… so much easier to throw some blankets over the kitchen table. She carried in a basket of books and some of her favorite toys. I brought the treats and mini christmas tree… it was our secret hideout.

Checking the mail and taking Tuque on a walk while he literally drags me up the street.


They are best buds. Seriously I have never known such a nice, patient dog. He lets her lay on him or ride his back. The best is that she knows where his treats are and asks him to sit and shake during the day and gives him his treat… Just keep wondering when he will stop growing. ; )


Lola asks if we can listen to records all day long.


Singing to their favorite record: Annie. “…And I mean start NOW!” My favorite is when they call me Ms Hannigan. Not cool.
If you haven’t already you should add a turntable to your wish list for Santa. It’s been one of my favorite gifts. We buy most of our records at goodwill… and amazing Disney ones for a buck. I have the Jensen Wood Player.

Dad would be ticked at all the splashing on his flooring!


Working on my December Daily. Obsessed with these numbered pockets by American Crafts. Found hereΒ 


Bundled up.

This is pretty normal to have someone climbing on Collin. Usually they are all trying to get a piece when he’s home from slaying the dragons.


Homework with Dad… even though we both know I am much better at math. Especially 1st grade math.


Doing the dishes and singing, “It’s a Hard Knock Life.”


Peace and quiet… and catching up on important things like Instagram and tracking packages.
Chalk that up for another month of the Daily Dozen. Β yeah!!!

32 thoughts on “12 on 12: December Edition

  1. Patti L

    Very cool! I wasn’t inspired enough for 12 on 12, but plan on recording a list of 12 things in my Dec daily for that. Thanks for the inspiring perspective behind the lens.

  2. amber fischer

    Whoops, I linked on the previous post, not this one! So here’s my first ever 12 on 12, and I think I’ll join you in doing it every month. Such a great challenge (and I actually pulled out my camera instead of using my iPhone – it was a little dusty!). Loved seeing your photos – I have that same striped throw from IKEA. Your bottle brush trees are insanely cute. As are your kids. ( :

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  4. Kim Woods

    These are precious! What a nice mommy to let the girls build forts and splash away in the tub! Ok how is the dog’s name pronounced? TooKay? Or just TUKE? Oh Collin…only you. Glad he didn’t name the girls πŸ˜‰ hee hee. You should take a pic of the girls lined up with the puppy, he looks ginormous!

  5. Anna Vaschina

    Sweet photos, don’t know how to link mine since I don’t have a blog. I have one nursing my little one who has been sick, one making salad for dinner (summer in Australia), one of me having a cuppa with my 5 year old son after some major Christmas shopping. Nothing exciting but I read your initial mention of the 12 photos on 12.12.12 and since we were already there here in Australia, I got to it πŸ™‚
    Love your photos and it’s been so nice to join in, I wouldn’t have thought of it on my own. Now to scrapbook it πŸ™‚ Working on my first December Daily…you know it’s so fun! Thank you for the inspiration Lizzy πŸ™‚

  6. laurie lariviere

    thanks for sharing, such lovely photos of your adorable family! and your dog…he grew just a wee bit…:) so cute!

  7. julie

    Great pictures!In fact, your dog look so big!!I love listening records too, especially disney ones..I remember listening to “Rox and Rouky” all day long when I was 4 or 5!I’m happy seeing my children do the same..
    Have a good day Elisabeth and thanks for this challenge!

  8. Latrice

    You rock my socks off sister! I love your photos and yes I’m good at first grade math too, LOL!! Love the striped walls and the TH trees are Fab!


  9. Aubrey

    Cute photos. We’re the Phelps’ from your ward and we have Moose – an 8 month old Newf who’s 110 pounds right now. Your guy will probably keep growing until he’s 3 years old πŸ˜‰


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