Giddy about those trees…

This past weekend was so low key. We basically just hung out as you can see above.
We aren’t really feeling that rush and panic for the holidays but doing out best to enjoy it instead.

The above picture is a giveaway I did on Instagram (@dearlizzy) Here is a link to the gold foil polka dot vellum I have had some requests for.
And the box of trees was the beginning of such a fun project that I am still giddy about!
If you remember I posted the trees from Tim Holtz booth at CHA and instead of cramming them all in my purse and making a run for it, I thought I should make my own. So I misted 40+ trees and they are colorful and yummy… and… and I love them.
I used these Tim Holtz bottle brush trees… and they are on sale.  Tim Holtz distress ink reinkers of every color. I will share a tutorial next…!



6 thoughts on “Giddy about those trees…

  1. Lucia

    Those are so colourful, beautiful picture….
    Btw. have you found out if it is boy or girl? I love the idea that the child is going to have 3 older sisters 🙂

  2. Karen Beldon

    Hi Liz (are you good w folks calling you Liz even though we’ve never met face to face? 🙂
    Love the trees…so fun! And hate to bug you, but are you going to post more pix of your December Daily? Would love to see your pages!


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