Oh, my heart

You guys, as much as I try to steer away from pink it is just not possible with these three sprouting girls.
But hey, there’s nothing wrong with pink everywhere and on everything, right?!
We celebrated this tot’s birthday among all the Thanksgiving hoopla… and we did our best to knock Thanksgiving’s meat and potatoes party out of the park with our little shin-dig. Darn it! I think my mom’s sweet potatoes and Collin’s apple pie won!

Pink Ombre ruffle cake and painted toys for jar toppers. Avery wasn’t to keen on seeing her toys painted and glued to a jar… thank goodness I had candy close by to repay her.

I put together some favors for the kids coming… I used my Olivetti typewriter and wrote, “Thanks for coming party animal!” Added some Dear Lizzy chevron paper and a tag sewn on the bag and the bag sewn shut. 

I used RIT dye and some fabric and dip dyed the tablecloth… I’ve been wanting to make one for ages and thanks to this pipsqueak’s birthday I had an excuse to do it.

In case you were wondering… nope, my love for giant birthday balloons has not seized. I will let you know when it does. ; )

I strung one of my glitter Dear Lizzy banners and at the end grouped together some honeycomb balls and balloons.

Darling party hat sent from Miss Ruby Sue… the queen of hair accessories.

The after party is when the real fun begins…

When I thought that my heart might already burst for being a mom and having these cherished daughters to call mine… god sent me Lola.
Ever since she was a baby she has been cheerful.  I’ve been anxious to see how that particular trait grows and changes as she does… and although she’s added some newfound sass and attitude that beaming happiness is still there… Like when I leave the room for a few minutes, or wake up in the morning or leave for date night when she sees me again it’s, “Mommma!” and a run with arms-wide-open hug. She loves to cuddle still which is really sweet since her older sisters were too busy for that mushy garbage at this age. She says “sorry” with the softest, squeaky voice whenever she might have accidentally… or purposely hurt you. She loves her sisters and is one step behind them trying to keep up. She loves her daddy. When she wakes up in the middle of the night she’s calling for him. She’ll ask me periodically during the day, “Where’s Dadda?” Just to make conversation. She’ll laugh and laugh if you laugh along with her and although she doesn’t even know what’s funny she knows that she feels happy. Oh, my heart!    Love you sweet girl!

24 thoughts on “Oh, my heart

  1. gaellej31

    Hello , déjà deux ans , comme tes dernières petites filles se ressemblent , et la grande à quel âge ? Tes décorations sont superbes !!!!J’adore !!!Bises x x x Gaëlle

  2. Kim Woods

    Oh my goodness, you made me tear up, you’d think we were neighbors or family or somethin’. I think because I can totally empathize, my 3rd child, Russell has similar traits and is getting WAY too big! Good thing you have a bun in the oven and get to cherish and kiss and squeeze another baby soon 🙂 Fabulous party as always!

  3. Molly

    oh man. i kind of want this to be my birthday party next year. i’ll be 29. i’ll probably wear a shirt though. (not making any promises)

    but seriously, what a lovely party for an adorable little girl!

  4. Libby

    Doesn’t seem that long ago that you delivered her….she is adorable. Time flies!
    Take care and I hope you’re feeling better.

  5. Michelle

    Oh my what adorable photos! I agree it is so hard to avoid pink with girls. (I have 2) happy birthday to your little Lola!

  6. Adrienne

    Tearing up over here, wishing I had words like these about me from my mommmas mouth to read back upon. I know she said or thought them but it will be nice for Lola to read them when she is older 🙂

  7. Bea Monforte

    OMG, that was so sweet! Congratulations Lola, and congratulations to Lizzy too, for your beautiful daughters (and baby #4!)
    xoxo, Bea

  8. Lisa W.

    Ahhhhhhhhhh she is the sweetest cutest little bundle of joy ever!!!! Thank you for this post, I needed some HAPPY and this totally did the trick. THIS is the good stuff, love it!!!!!!!!!

  9. laurielariviere

    what a darling party for a darling little girl! she really is such a pretty baby, and she does look happy, I wonder why that is? maybe because she’s got such a wonderful family 🙂 !

  10. Tanya

    Happy (belated) birthday to your little one. It has been fun for me, as a reader, to watch her grow.
    That cake is a piece of art, by the way. Wow!
    I have 3 boys, so pink is outlawed in this house. 😀

    1. Elizabeth Kartchner Post author

      Thanks! I got them at Zurchers! But I have seen them at other Party supply stores and kids’ toy stores.

      1. Elizabeth Kartchner Post author

        I just realized I was talking about the small ones that were on the party favors.
        The larger ones on the jars were in the target dollar bin years ago… I will be on the look out but you can get those at toy stores too.



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