Twelve things: Grateful List

This morning I sharpened a pencil and filled out this Twelve things I am Grateful for in 2012 list
My heart was bursting as I filled out those lines and I will spare you all the sappy prego hormone thoughts but I am quite thankful for the ordinary and the grand pieces of my life that fit together and make my heart burst.

and now my ADD mind wants to tell you how much I love a good pencil. I have a whole jar of them in my office. I made the fringe one so long ago… I should have put up the tutorial but never have.
Since my girls always steal my nice pens I made some fancy pencils from recycled tissue paper, that was wrapped around something I bought from Urban Outfitters. They fulfill my wishes of distracting my daughters from my nice pens!!! : )

I am thinking this Grateful printable would be really cute to size down to about a 4″x6″ and include it on the table for dinner or dessert. Don’t you think?
Today I need to make some Thanksgiving favors, cute decor and finish planning Lola’s birthday. My baby is 2… (pass me a tissue!)

Since I was little, and could fold a piece of paper and write everyone’s name on it, I have been in charge of the place cards for dinner. I will not take offense to why I wasn’t given a greater responsibility like the turkey… but what I will do is take this job very seriously. So that’s where I will be if you need me…
Here are my favor boxes/place cards from way back in ‘0 10 and some more links to some fun kids’ crafts!


7 thoughts on “Twelve things: Grateful List

  1. Lisa W.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh little Lola 2, my goodness where has the time gone. AND another on the way!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Collin AND those 4 little darlings:)

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