No, I didn’t forget about Thanksgiving


Before you get all bah hum bug on me and think I forgot about that one holiday that happens in November… you know the one about being thankful and eating lots of food?! No way would I ever forget about that! But… it’s just Christmas requires some preparation so sometimes the holidays overlap. Part of that preparations are Christmas Cards. I want to get mine sent out by December 1st and I am trying to make it as simple as possible. That way they will actually get sent out. : ) The last few years I have designed my own and it took forever…!! Well, I got an email today with some really festive card options from Tiny Prints. These might be the answer to my envelope licking prayers.
I picked out my favorite top ten which was difficult because there are pages and pages to choose from. I love it because each design has a few options to personalize your card. Whether you want more photos, a larger size, no photos, different wording, or even a round ornament shape. Crap, now the tricky part is choosing one…! But I would bet you could find one you like. And you can thank me later… ; )

Merry Confetti

Cheerful Sentiments 

Peace, Love & Joy 

Charming Carol 

Taped Momento in the above trifold or circle ornament

Jingle All The Way

Holiday Funfetti


Modern Chevron (other colors and sizes for photos)

Brightly Spirited

Iconic Year// This one is neat if you want to share more about your family the past year!!
Check out the other card options//

Tiny Prints promo codes: ENTER NOVSW20 for 20% off your order & FREESHIP12 for Free standard shipping

Tiny Prints Holiday Cards


10 thoughts on “No, I didn’t forget about Thanksgiving

  1. laurie lariviere

    those are really cool, I really like the one’s where the printing is right on the photo, too bad mine are already made this year!

  2. Joanne P

    i just opened my email this morning and saw these. I’m super excited for them. great designs, its so hard to choose. the first one you show with Merry is one of my faves too. thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Cherie

    I think I sepnt like two hours on that site yesterday. Most of those are in my favorites too! There are SO many options I houldn’t decide either!! I do have to say the first one is in my top 5

  4. Kim Woods

    I saw these the other day and had the same thought. Why fuss and fuss over my own creation when these are so marvelous! So how do I pick? That’s the hard part! Post yours when you get it done!!

  5. Karen

    Thanks for this Lizzy. I’ve been wanting to order cards but didn’t want to do a picture. I just ordered christmas cards, address labels and stationary for a christmas gift. Got free shipping with the promo code and 20% disc. with their promo code. What’s not to love? I’m sending you an additional cyber donut and watered down hot cocoa as I know it’s your favorite.

  6. Lisa M.

    I too looked at all those pages on tiny prints, but ended up going with a card from a vendor on Etsy. I scoured many, many pages on Etsy too to find the perfect card. And it’s beautiful! I’m sure yours will be too. You could put your family’s picture on cardboard and it would be beautiful 🙂


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