Twelve on Twelve

Yesterday I took my 12 on 12 challenge.
It seems that lately I really need to push myself to get something done. Knowing that if I blogged about the 12 on 12 challenge then the chances of me doing it would be much better… otherwise I would have you guys to answer to. ; )
The pictures I chose to take were more about what my kids do then what I do but that doesn’t really make sense because we all do it together. But what I am trying to say is it’s more about them than me… isn’t that what being a mom is about anyway? The above picture is some hot chocolate that Quincey made me. Which really was luke warm and watered down. Don’t be jealous that you didn’t get to pretend drink it for a while. She apparently liked hers.

These two are best buds. That “puppy” I got Collin for his birthday? Yeah, he won’t stop growing. ; )

Working on my December Daily album with my little elf. I’ve never done any pre-work but thought I would give it a try. I usually just enjoy making it as I go but this will help streamline the process. I am using an AC Handbook, SC Wonderland inserts, Crate goodies & wood shapes.

My favorite lipsticks right now: MAC So Chaud (a bold orangish red) and Impassioned (a perky pink) Some days when that’s all the make up that graces my face I feel a touch more like a woman and not a dead mommy.

This is one of my favorite parts of the day. Man, I miss her during the day!! Kindergarten was only half day… just enough time to take a shower or throw in some laundry. But a whole day is looong. She still thinks I’m cool so I try to visit her once a week for lunch or a quick squeeze during recess.

This picture pretty much hurts my heart but I have 3 girls… 4 including me so there’s a bit of drama in our home!! Lola is generally such a cheerful sprout but she has her moments. Yesterday it was something tragic like I opened her yogurt when she wanted to do it… xoxo

The window sill above the kitchen sink… pretty much stare at this all day long.

Homework time with Dad

Yes I gave in and put the pink Christmas tree up. The snow made me do it. I swear, it’s not my fault!!!

Such a pretty glow though…

Happy day!! xo, Lizzy

24 thoughts on “Twelve on Twelve

  1. Kylie D

    oh that tearful face of Lola’s – every mummy would have a *sigh* seeing that face breaking! Love the xmas tree:-)

  2. Tabitha

    Love love love your pictures! It really is making the ordinary extraordinary! Such a great eye for beauty! And with a family like yours that easy to find! I’m all about Christmas so putting up the tree early aint no thang but a chickin’ wang!

  3. Mirta Sanchez

    I absolutely adore the photos of your homelife and your little girls. I am not a mom but I do have a surrogate child in my 8 year old niece. Little children’s hands and feet and necks are just so irresistable. I especially love the photo of Lola sitting with her back to the camera. Her little toes are just adorable!

  4. Ann Marie

    This is seriously one of my favorite posts EVER! Everything about your house just screams warm and cozy … and that dog! Sooooo cute! xo

  5. Anna Vaschina

    Lola is adorable…wish I had thought of taking a photo of the times mine were upset with the cup I chose to put their drink in 🙂 I get into so much trouble over cup colours and we’re not aloud kiddy spoons anymore when we are 7 … incase you’re takin’ notes 😉
    So what’s 12 on 12? I missed what that is?
    Hope you are feelin’ fabulous. 🙂

  6. gaellej31

    Salut , t’as craqué toi , my girl veut ouvrir le calendrier de l’Avent maintenant , alors qu’il reste 15 jours !!!!!!Tes photos sont superbes , j’aurai aussi d’ici 2 ans un grand bureau pour tous mes travaux , et le chocolat au lait c’est tous les jours j’ai la chance d’avoir gardé la ligne après 2 enfants 1m55 pour 40kg !!!!!! Ma fille aussi est pleine de vie et a des moments de crise mais je ne suis pas triste juste exaspérée de la voire dans cet état !!!! Je suis quelqu’un de toujours occupée mais zen !!!!! Bises et bonne journée merci pour tout ce que tu nous fais partager !!!! Gaëlle .

  7. laurie lariviere

    such sweet photos! so funny that one of Lola mad about the yogurt because just two minutes ago my little man (4) wanted to open the sprinkles and I said no so they wouldn’t end up everywhere and he freaked out!! they love to be independant don’t they 🙂

  8. Kim Woods

    First of all I love all the girls hair! Whether it is a mess or a neat top knot. And the sunglasses on Avery’s head during homework is just so diva! What is the puppy’s name? Is it really that crazy name Collin posted on FB? I hope Cleetus will give us a Xmas greating or a Thanksgiving re-cap. Miss him.

  9. Lisa W.

    THANK you for such a nice perk of the day!!!!! Your pics are darling, your new scraproom is to die for, your hot cocoa looked amazing exspecially since your little beauty made it for you (how prescious) watered down or NOT:) My little lady is 18 WHERE or where did all the time go. At college only see her when she comes home on the weekends:( SO enjoy, they grow up real fast. OH and two more things, the lipstick is awesome and that puppy OH MY he has grown…wow. Does he shed:(?

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