Daily Dozen & Oct 31st

Today I am challenging myself to do the Daily Dozen, that I did in months past. Now that my morning sickness… I mean all-day sickness is easing up I want to capture some of the moments from our days right now. So play along if you wish!! Take a photo every hour or twelve through out your day. This year I have a mini in mind to make with the results.


Also, in case I didn’t embarrass myself enough on Halloween and due to the importance of my family history ; ) I am posting our Halloween madness. Collin and I usually throw our costumes together a couple hours before and they are usually random and I am usually hesitant when we are heading out the door… but seriously I love Halloween! My mom and dad always dressed up so I guess I don’t know any other way. My favorite was when I was in 3rd grade and my whole fam dressed up as California Raisins. With the oversized glasses and shoes, white tights and garbage bag clothes. I have never been so proud…! ; )
This year I rocked a can-mohawk and hot pink tips and with my biker boyfriend, Callum.

Previous years include:
Borat & SallySuperheroes (Captian Cilantro & Me), The Nerds, Gladys (Collin) and Cliff (me), Lucy & Cleetus and now add the punk rockers to the list.
Yes we went out in public like this. Our kids must think we are crazy!

Rapunzel, our Indian Princess, Pocahontas, and Tinkerbelle… Usually I try to persuade the girls into being something that I want them to be but this year it was all up to them. Except Lola didn’t care at all. Give her a pumpkin bucket and people to throw candy in it and she was set!

My family: Superheroes and The Wizard of Oz!!!



11 thoughts on “Daily Dozen & Oct 31st

  1. dramaqueensmum

    Great costumes. I’ve been trying to get my hubby to dress up with me for 9 years. Since he has long hair, I thought he could be a rocker guy & I could be a groupie. I decided that I am dressing up next year with or without him.

  2. Tahnie

    love all of this! you are so wise of a momma to let them pick. i spent forever on an oompa loompa costume for my little love and…she refused to wear it. haha.


  3. gaellej31

    Salut , les déguisements sont top , et les photos sont d’une vrai professionnelle !!!!! J’ai fait de la photo pendant des années avec le numérique je suis beaucoup moins charmée mais c’est – cher !!!! Mais avec de bons yeux et bon esprit et un bon appareil ont fait de belles photos comme les tiennes !!!Bises à bientôt !!!Gaëlle


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