No 4 Mini: You are loved

Before you give me too much credit and think crazy thoughts like, you are this caught up or wow you are ahead of things… As much as I love to hear that I am definitely not. But I am so inspired by this first stage of this sweet pea’s little life I wanted to document my thoughts.
Also, before you think, it’s a boy! I absolutely gush over this paper from Crate. And since I don’t know what the baby is yet I thought I should use something that works for both. I do really want a boy so think lots of blue thoughts for me! While you are at it eat lots of blue cheese and only the blue M&M’s and blueberries!!  (Of course we would be just as happy if it was another girlie!)

This book is for the baby so it’s the perfect place to share when I first found out and when I told Collin.
My story is not as exciting as Collin’s. I found out in the bathroom after taking a pregnancy test. Sat there for a few minutes and then freaked out… laughing squealing like a crazy person. I didn’t tell Collin for several days because we were going on a trip with just us and I wanted to tell him in a fun way. I love a good secret so it was quite fun to be the only one who knew even for a little while.

I told Collin on our mini vacation to LA with no kids … We had just gotten off the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. It was incredible weather, we were holding hands looking over the water and a pregnant girl walked by and I just had a feeling it was time. He was shocked. Tears, laughing, lots of “Are you serious???!!! Are you kidding me?!” That was fun! haha


Studio Calico Number Paper Clips are one favorite products. As well as Marcy Penner’s Hello Forever journaling tags.

I noticed that my 5th and Frolic collection has some pieces on sale at 2 Peas…! Check it out here. The gold polka dot vellum and even the mini book.


For this album I diecut 4 different pages with the words: when I told him, when I found out, so sick, and growing with my Cameo.
I diecut the pages with not much in mind for what the album would look like but I made room for photos or journaling under the titles.
Things that I wanted to remember… and even though I don’t want to remember being so sick that I wanted to die. I thought it was only appropriate to include. And someday this babe can read how much work it is for momma. The so sick page was pretty busy so I included a vellum envie on the left page to add some white space and keep it more simple. I journaled on the back of the tag and added pieces inside. Apples. I love apples!!!

Also, you will see the untrasound and in the pocket on the page next to it I included just information of how big the baby is and how it’s developing. It’s just textbook info but i think it would be fun to read someday.

For the last page I journaled on lined paper and sewed them directly to the last page of my mini book. I like this paper because I could add a lot and it didn’t add much bulk and gives me lots of room to write my thoughts.

To make the album I bound all my pages together with twine and attached to the back page. The cover measures 6″x7″ with a 3/4″ spine. The inside pages are 5″x 6.”



34 thoughts on “No 4 Mini: You are loved

  1. Tabitha

    So pretty! I hope it is a boy too! What a cute and complete family you will be! I just love the “Love” stamped page….is that a stamp? And where did you get it? So cute!

    1. Elizabeth Kartchner Post author

      Hi Tabitha,
      Thanks! It’s actually a patterned paper and I added a link to it in the bottom with the pictures of supplies. 🙂

  2. sophie

    this is such a cute album, and I am in love with that Crate paper album too! love how you cut the titles and used those brads:) what an already lucky baby

  3. Anna Vaschina

    Wow! I love this album and the joy you have and display through it is contagious…I’m crying as i read this beautiful blog. Happy for you and thank you for the inspiration and for sharing with us. 🙂

  4. kristen

    this is lovely! we just had our first baby last thursday..i think i need to transfer all the notes i took throughout my pregnancy from my journal into a little mini book. this is such a cute idea!

  5. Susan Cordeau

    So beautiful, what a lucky little babe to have such a wonderful keepsake of what Momma was thinking and feeling when she was pregnant.
    I am thinking BLUE thoughts for you.
    By the way, what did you name your puppy?

  6. laurie lariviere

    what a wonderful little book for your new little one! can’t wait to find out what it is, you will tell won’t you? pleeeease! :)) lol

  7. Karen Beldon

    This turned out fantastic! 🙂 For the mini cover, did you use just the patterned paper or is it over chipboard? Thanks!

  8. Renee Zwirek

    This a great! Congrats Again! Questions…Can you add this mini to your classes at Make Something Splendid? And, will you be finding out the baby’s gender or are you going to let it be a surprise? Happy and healthy, of course. God Bless.

  9. carol

    congra on your #4!!!! love this mini you made. you are so creative and amazing. do take good care of yourself and looking forward to your wonderful stories on your blog!

  10. Ana Paula Paes

    Great mini!!!! Could you share what font you used to cut with the Cameo? Loved it!!!
    Thinking blue thoughts for you!!!

  11. Kelly Jean

    Super cute cute cute mini! Love the neutral colors and the simplicity of this album. I’m just catching up on blog posts, so congrats! I am so happy for you and Collin and this little addition to your family.

  12. Annie

    I love this. The first page in the scrapbook my mom made when I was little is a story about a happy family that was missing a little baby girl who was waiting to come down from heaven and I LOVED reading that part when I was little (still do). He/She will love it. PS your girls have the best hair, it seriously cracks me up, and makes me miss Alfie’s curls.

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