Hello new studio… nice to meet cha

This weekend I spent a lot of time moving my office to its new location… since the new babe is kicking me out! Sheesh, it’s not even born yet and this baby is already calling the shots.
Over the last couple weeks I have made a conscious effort to notice what products I use and what I don’t need. That way when I made the trasition I could simplify my stash.

I got rid of so much stuff that I *think I use but I really don’t need it. One thing about me is that I am not a hoarder. I can purge with the best of them. That last part doesn’t sound as cool as I thought. ; )
Although there are some papers and products I still justify that I will use someday.
I made a huge switch of what was with in my reach and what was hidden in boxes. Also I usually display a lot of the products but this time it is all hidden in its place. I love this change. Everything feels much more neat.
I will share more of my room when I finish a few more things but for now I am feeling quite inspired.
The light in this room is like butter.


The mint and Ice Cream Print I cut out from this journal. Carpe Diem Journal

This morning I sat at my computer and was saddened to read how people have been affected by Hurricane Sandy! It is heartbreaking. We are sending our prayers back east!
I am relieved that my pregnant sister, Charity, in Brooklyn is safe. xo


Made this mini book for the new babe… I will bind together and post details tomorrow.

xo, Lizzy



PS I put on my facebook if you know someone in utah county deserving of a box of supplies let me know… because this box is overstuffed and I want to just drop it off. Then someone on facebook mentioned maybe someone affected by hurricane sandy. I would love to send someone a box… if you know anyone let me know!

47 thoughts on “Hello new studio… nice to meet cha

  1. Sophie J.

    Adorable! I would LOVE a box of supplies 😉 I may not be deserving but I would totally cherish them & USE them!! xoxo

    p.s congrats on 4..

  2. Ann Marie

    I’m with you, I have no problem purging. But I have purged and then gone back for the very thing I purged and had to buy it again! Yep, true story. Lol.

  3. Kim Woods

    It must be in the water, I’ve been trying to use up crafty stuff and purge as well. I love the new light space, can’t wait to see how you decorate for the new bebe!

  4. Molly

    please let us know if you do find somewhere out east to ship your supplies! my craft room needs a purge as well. i would love to send something as well.

    love the new space. and congrats on the bambino!

  5. Lucia

    I am from Europe, but I am willing to pay any postal cost just to have it all, it is so difficult to buy any scrapbook stuff here in Czech Republic, since there are literally no scrapbook stores here. And I will pay anything to you if you are willing to sent it to me. That would be the best x-mas present, I would be so happy that I would jump up to the ceiling.

  6. Esther

    Love your new space, so creamy… And love the initiative, hope you find someone to wich the box of your supplies will represent a wonderful present. I’m from Spain, wish the best to the victims of the hurricane.

  7. kai

    love love your NEW space. so BRIGHT n :-). And happy for u and looking forward to
    your new post for the mini book. maybe a tutorial :-(.

  8. Julia DeBry Andersen

    Liz, you are so sweet to give your stuff away. My sister Christina lives in Provo kind of by my parents and would probably LOVE your stuff! She is totally deserving. Her son is on the heart transplant list and their family has really been hit hard with having to drive to and from Primary Childrens, and all of the RX costs. She is so crafty and amazingly talented, I would be so thankful if you felt she was deserving of your fun box. No offense if you give it to someone else though. Your site is so cute. You are amazing! Tell Camille hello. Julia

  9. Cheryl

    I am with you on purging. The way I am doing it is having scrapbook classes for kids and they are helping me use up my stash. It’s a win win situation. Congrats on your new space.

  10. Christina Carnoy

    I nominate myself as deserving of your purged stash because I had a baby 3 months ago and then found out I have Thyroid Cancer, which I am still battling. I had to have my entire Thyroid removed, which has destroyed 50% of my vocal cords. Not so great since I am a substitute teacher/art teacher. And I love to sing!!! The cancer is still in there, so I have to do Radioactive Iodine Treatment. I won’t be able to hold my baby for an entire week afterwards!!! I have been really keeping my chin up but it is a lot to go through!!! I live in Oregon, but I would also be willing to pay the postage if you choose me!!!

  11. Susan Cordeau

    What a great and generous idea to share your old goodies with someone who lost theirs in the hurricane. I live in Vermont and we were so lucky that Sandy was gentle on us, I feel so badly for those in NJ, CT, NY, NH and Maine, many still without power and gasoline.
    I would love to do a purge and add to the goodies you are sending.
    Let me know and your new studio is awesome!

  12. shay

    so excited for your whole fam & lovin the new scrap space, looks very inspiring, and lots of room to get crafty! Cannot wait to see details of the new book for the baby!congrats again xoxo

  13. Libby

    Congratulations on the little one on it’s way and all the best to you and Collin.
    Glad to see that you enjoy your new office space.

  14. Mary Ann Jenkins

    I spent a big part of yesterday purging papers and stickers too. It’s so nice to have everything neat and tidy in it’s place again. It also makes me realize how very lucky I am that I have my own little space to create.

    If you do find someone that is in need of some scrappy supplies, I’d love to share mine too. This is a perfect month for it, maybe you could start a “Thankful to share project” 😉

  15. Jo

    I ADMIRE your new workspace and it would have anybody reaching for their scrappi’ gear – ready, smile, create! There seems to be so many eager, willing and appreciative recipents…maybe perhaps create smaller packages to more than just one? *Just a suggestion* I’m way too far so count me out 🙂 I just know you would make someone so happy with your generosity. And act of kindness will always be remembered with a smile 🙂

  16. Lisa W.

    We all would LOVE your stash I’m sure..BUT I betcha there is a fellow scrapbooker out there that LOST all their stuff in the storm. That is a wonderful idea to pay it forward. I hope your hear from someone that has or knows of someone that lost all their scrapbooking stuff, that would be SO GREAT!!! Your new room looks so awesome, cannot wait to see more of it soon:)

  17. Tammi C

    Love your new space and love that little book for #4. The colors are beautiful and remind me of a little BOY! I’m the opposite of you…we had 3 beautiful, handsome boys and #4 was a precious little girl. Not that it matters, I know, but it would be fun to have a little boy in the house!

    Tammi C

  18. Gina

    love, love love & want to see more!! Let all of us know if you find an East Coast home for those new supplies. What a nice way to clean out some of our stuff and give to a crafter in need!!

  19. Jenn

    Dear Lizzy,
    Your work space is lovely! I am curious your indoor photos are always so light and fresh, is that your camera? Paint color? light bulbs? I know you are super busy, but I would be curious to know the paint colors you choose for your home and what bukbs you buy to get nice “buttery light”. PS. Congrats on the new babe.

  20. Karen Beldon

    Your new room looks so inviting… Cant wait to see more pix and the cute mini for baby blessing 4! 🙂 and what a sweet idea to send your stash to someone affected by the hurricane…wonderful!

  21. jill

    I was out and about today, and I saw your papers at target, hobby lobby. And joAnn’s. Saw them at Michael ‘s yesterday! Awsome!

  22. Anna Vaschina

    Look forward to seeing more of your new space…finding it hard to organise my stuff, need some good ideas 🙂

  23. Linda E

    I live on Long Island and just got my power back after 10 cold, dark days. Thankfully my house and scrappy stuff are all in tact. I think it is a wonderful idea to pay it forward. One of my co-workers (a non-scrapper) lost everything but I am certain that if she was, scrapping supplies would be the last thing on her list to replace. The reality of the situation is that those who are in the most dire need are no where near getting their power back and are probably not even on-line reading e-mail and blogs. Life as we know it on Long Island is so different from our life two weeks ago. In my town, we face gas shortages, supermarkets with half-empty shelves (power and gas are standing in the way of restocking them) and thousands of families who are living in the dark and cold. The kids have only been to school for two days in the past two weeks since Wednesday’s snowstorm made traveling with downed trees and power lines too dangerous. And my town had minimal structural damage. I can only imagine the towns that were devastated. Perhaps, you can hold off selecting a recipient for your goody box for just a bit until a victim of this horrendous storm can come forward.

    1. Elizabeth Kartchner Post author

      Thanks Linda for your comment. It truly is heartbreaking. I think the best way to help people right now is to donate to Red Cross…
      I have a friend in a similar situation and the finally moved to a family’s home with power because they were so sick of not having power and freezing every day/night. Makes us really appreciate what we have, doesn’t it.


  24. Tracey

    Hi ! I was wondering if you found someone to ship your box of goodies too ? If not I have a very sweet young girl in mind that lost power from Hurricane Sandy and all of her fun crafty things are gone as well. This girl had a pretty difficult life to begin with, and now because of the storm and other circumstances the family will have to split up into different houses. Its a very sad situation and maybe a little crafty cheer will brighten her day a bit.


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