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Yes, this morning I changed out of my sweats to take this pic. Not sure why since my pjs were polka dots as well and much more comfy.
You also should know that I am moving my office… again. To a different room in our house… again. But I’m excited to redo and refresh everything. Including purging supplies, simplifying and decorating. That’s why I made this calendar for myself… it’s a reward for my hard work and something cool to hang in my new space. I had it printed at Costco onto 16×20 photo paper and also as an 8×10 for Collin’s office. There are other designs that are available and an even larger size-20×30. I wanted to try this out first and see how I liked it. And I love it.
Santas’s elves have already gotten busy making calendars for Christmas presents!
Such smart, little guys.

Calendar: Paislee Press



23 thoughts on “Poster Calendar

  1. Tabitha

    Brilliant! You’re pics are so beautiful!! I just got my very first DSLR and I hope to take some “Dear Lizzy” inspired shots! I love that calendar!

  2. Vita

    Oh, I am making calendars with our family photos as Christmas gifts for our close relatives too! 🙂 Your calendar looks really great!
    And congrats about moving your office again! :-))) I am following your blog for years now and you are always so inspiring as a designer and as a mom! 🙂

  3. laurie lariviere

    this is a great idea for a calendar, especially for family and friends that may be far away, very nice Liz!

  4. Joanne

    So cute….love the format. Hey..just wondering when we’re going to get a puppy update! He must be getting very big – time for pictures!!!

  5. Gina

    This is fantastic. I think I have a thing for calendars!! Can you share the directions? And I agree with Ann Marie – purging?? Could also be called “sharing” with readers?

  6. Jessica Segui

    I adore this calendar and bought the digital download template. I’m new to using Photoshop and downloaded the trial. I opened the 16×20 calendar template and don’t know how to place photos in the gray boxes. Sad, I know 🙂 Can you give me a quick tutorial? Thanks for your time!

  7. Paola Antonia

    Hello Lizzie,
    It’s the first time I make a comment and I must tell you that your blog is really nice and your family is really lovely. This calendar is awesome!!! and so inspiring!!! and I look forward to see you new office. XOXO Pao

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  9. Tanya

    Really great idea. Need to give Costco another try. Last time I printed photos there I said I’d never do it again. Dark and weird and fuzzy, not crisp and bright at all. You don’t have that problem with them? Or do you edit all your photos in Photoshop first to get them brighter and lighter?

  10. erica

    okay, so i basically have the same question as jessica.
    I ordered a calendar and when i opened it up in photoshop i expected to be able to just drop the pictures into the gray square boxes….is that not right?

    any quick tips you can give me?
    thanks so much!


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