DIY: painted phrase napkins

So far it is pretty random the things I have made with my silhouette… from mini albums to polka dot pants.
Now add these phrase napkins to the list.
This morning I posted a pic on my Instagram and realized I hadn’t shared these napkins yet. I don’t remember what provoked me to making these, but so far the random sayings have done nothing except put a smile on my face.

Diecut freezer paper///Iron freezer paper to napkin///Paint onto napkin/// Peel off freezer paper
I used gold paint because, well, I love gold anything right now.

Quincey painted the polka dot dishtowel below. It’s only a dishtowel so who cares if she messed up. Actually, it’s quite tricky to mess it up since she paints on top of the freezer paper so it worked out great! I used the same steps as the Polka Dot Pants tutorial.

My sister got me hooked on this healthy snack: tomatoes, cucumber (or spinach) feta cheese & Balsamic Vinaigrette. Don’t worry, after I eat that I have a bowl of sour watermelons.

Do I have you wishing for a Silhouette Cameo yet?


21 thoughts on “DIY: painted phrase napkins

  1. laurie lariviere

    yes, I am wanting a cameo ๐Ÿ™‚ lovely napkin idea! you could make personalized one’s with names of your family members for holidays, like a place setting….:)

  2. Angie Tijerina

    Love these! I want to make some for friends Christmas gifts. Where did you get the cute colored dishtowels?

  3. Alysia

    Yes and I loove it but I haven’t branched out much. I mostly cut vinyl lettering for making signs. I would LOVE a tutorial on how to make temporary tattoos with it! Wink wink* hint* hint. You can check out some of my signs on my fb page……

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