Painting Pumpkins: Kids’ Craft

Since my kids are too young to carve pumpkins, each year I search for other fun things we can do. Last year we made jar lanterns.

This year I diecut different Halloween shapes with my Silhouette and then we painted. This was fun because it was the best of both worlds. They got to paint and I got something cute to display.

Diecut vinyl with Sihouette or other system//Attach to pumpkin very well, re-sealing edges if needed//Paint//Remove vinyl


LAST YEAR: Painted Pumpkin Jars

The thing I love about these crafts is that I had fun too… and you could do them with out little munchkins. That would also mean less mess.



6 thoughts on “Painting Pumpkins: Kids’ Craft

  1. Kellie

    I so wish we celebrated it here in Australia I would love to do this! They are trying to sell them at our local supermarket with intentions of getting people to do Halloween, but being that 95% of Aussie’s don’t, it is a little wasted here. Your kids look like they are having a ball and they even have Halloween aprons, how CUTE!


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