I like you

Yesterday we woke up to the sound of the rain and thought, this looks like a great day to stay in our pajamas all. day. long. So we did.
We cuddled in my bed and watched movies on my laptop then only got up to make cookies. Love note cookies for daddy to be exact. ♡

These alphabet cookie cutters are my favorite. I used them for Lola’s birthday party last year. Since her name is short I spelled it numerous times and the kids had fun decorating the letters.

13 thoughts on “I like you

  1. Bea Monforte

    Yumm!!! (Another “must eat” when I finally end my diet ;D)
    Have you seen the “New Girl” premier? I loved it!
    xoxo, Bea

  2. darlene

    lol my daughter’s name is lola. we’ve been reading your blog for 6 yrs…since she was born, and I quit working to do what u do with your children….watch them grow.
    i always giggle that you named your littlest “lola” too.
    we are stopped everywhere for compliments on lo’s name…she luvs it!
    may ur dreams flourish on…

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