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Yes, I know I have professed my love for Instagram enough but seriously we are talking head-over-heels after getting this little book in the mail. There are some cool resources for printing your instagram photos and one of them is this cool book from Blurb.Β 
It pulls enough of your recent photos from Instagram to fill a square book. Print it as is or you can rearrange things to your liking, customizing the cover, you can remove photos you don’t like or pair up ones that look good together. You can add a title, type in your journaling and other customization. I kept mine pretty simple.
* I couldn’t figure out how to get older pictures from my Instagram so I will have to make one every 100 pictures or so.


Here’s a quick flip through the book…


I knew later I wanted to add some journaling so I left a page blank next to a picture of each of my girls and added a story and other qualities what I love about them at their current stage in life. Using my Slick Writer from AC.


I added some simple text or details about the pictures.
Even if you don’t use Instagram there are other options for books using photos on your computer, which we all have bazillions of.



37 thoughts on “Instagram Photo Book

  1. Patti L

    Cool…I <3 Instagram too… What size is that book? A while back I ordered mini books from Printstagram…they are literally like 1.5 inches, but for $10 you get 3 mini books, like 72 pics or something like that. It was a little tricky with moving things in order bcz I wanted to give them to 3 different ppl. But they are cute & magnetic, perfect for fridge! They also print these cool posters with all the mini photos.

  2. Elisabeth

    Omg this is absolutely fabulous. I too and in love with Instagram (I did a blog post about it hehe). I think I’m gonna NEED this book πŸ™‚

  3. Tabitha

    OMG I’m in heaven! This is so cool. I’m a insta-newbie, so I’m all about instagram too! Thanks for sharing this and your other editing apps!

  4. Lisa

    LOVE this…super adorableness:) Hey I have been wondering…the slips?? Where are the slips. I thought your one post said you would be selling them, I was super excited to see them?!

  5. Sabine

    Such a lovely book, especially with the journaling. And I really like the layout, simple & beautiful.
    That makes my decision for an iphone much easier. I consider to buy one for some time now, especially to use instagram. And this was the final kick. I just want to take those photos and make such a wonderful book too. πŸ™‚ Thanks Lizzy.

  6. Mirta Sanchez

    I am so behind the times I don’t even have a smart phone, just a simple little track phone. I know, it’s kind of sad. I’m obsessed with the idea of Instagram, even though I have absolutely NO ACCESS to it. But now I may be ready to move on to a big girl phone….thanks to your cheerleading!

  7. Sarah Kortessis

    Beautiful! I made one of these a little while ago and I was so surprised at the good quality! Such a wonderful thing. It is a little tricky to bring old instagrams into the book but it can be done, when you are editing the book there is a button at the top header that says “get photos” and from there you can select instagram and it loads your pictures. πŸ™‚ Hope that helps

  8. diane

    I made one of these a few weeks back. I do love the quality but my cover has curled terribly. I would love to know if yours is still flat? Thanks

  9. Michelle @ ocm

    Thanks for sharing. I just joined instagram recently and I am hooked! Glad to find a recommendation for a place to get the pictures printed into a book. Happy instagraming.

  10. tilly

    this is awesome, think i might try it myself with all the photos i take over summer, which cover have you got? πŸ™‚

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  12. Eve Serra

    That’s so cute! Congratulations!!! Really nice πŸ˜‰ Have you tried to make one with instagrafic app? They look really good too. Thanks for sharing this kind of stuff. Kisses*****

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  14. Anneloes

    Love the book! What is the size? And I only see hard-cover books on the blurb-site, but I really love the soft cover in yours. Which one did you make? Hope to hear!


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